Two Years

Mar 19

Today is my two year cancerversary.  It’s been two years since that life-changing day I was diagnosed.  I went home that night and became a writer when I wrote my first cancer post at 4:30 in the morning.  What a journey it has been.

Today I hold in my hand a fresh-off-the-presses golden ticket: yesterday’s clean PET scan report.  My cancer is in remission.  This, my friends, is the science-y paperwork proof of my God-orchestrated miracle.

I believe in God — and miracles — now more than ever.  Remember I’ve had cancer (or suspected cancer) in my left breast, right breast, lymph nodes, liver, spine and lung over these past two years.  That is a whole lotta cancer, people.

And right now I have No Evidence of Disease.

It is a straight up miracle: I just don’t see any other way to see it.  Some spots, like the lung spot, were cut out and weighed and measured in a lab.  Other spots, like my spine spot, were seared with God’s finger and simply disappeared.  It is not lost on me that it is possible to cut a wedge out of the lung, and impossible to remove a vertebrae.  My miracles feel purposeful and designed.

I don’t know why God allowed me to have cancer.  I don’t know why God allows me now to be cancer-free.  Truth is, I don’t really care why.  I do know I will Do Today Well both because of and in spite of my miracle.  Because Doing Today Well is about checking circumstances at the door and just doing it well, whatever it may be.

Our celebrations last night were small.  The girls and I WOoo HOOOed in the car as I explained to them the day’s happenings.  Brad bought me a happy piece of art for our wall: a scene that reminds us both of our honeymoon.

When I was first diagnosed, I asked — begged — God for fifty more years to spend raising my babies (at four-years-old and ten-months-old they were indeed babies!)  I also resolved to Do Today Well and make the most of whatever time I have.  It’s a delicate balance: hoping for the best and living for today; Brad is really the key to my executing this piece with any perspective.

That’s my hairy scary prayer in this life where I have no promises, no guarantees: 47+ more years.  Thank you for praying it along with me!


  1. George & Penni Jarjosa /

    We too believe in miracles!
    That is great news.
    God bless you and your family!

  2. I’ve been following your journey for almost two years and I’m still amazed at how strong you are and how unbreakable your faith is. I’ve learned a lot from your optimism and belief. Thank you and may God grant you 47+ more years to live your beautiful life.

  3. PRAISE THE LORD!! Crying all over the place at work! What a blessing you are! What an inspiring phrase “doing today well is about checking circumstances at the door, and doing it well whatever it may be” LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

  4. Thank you for todays amazing news! PROOF! God is there in all the tiniest details. The path is different for all of us. Thankfully we have a “path” to follow and are able to lean on a greater strength than we may have within ourselves. You are a gift Jen! P.S. I had my oncology visit yesterday- 2 & 1/2 years NED!

  5. Kathi Roth /

    I believe in miracles too! Now more than ever…thank you for allowing us on this journey with you Jen. Reading all you’ve posted, well, I can not begin to tell you how your faith, courage, tenacity, joy, tears, laughter, etc… has impacted my life. I Praise God for your healing and continue to pray 47++++ with your wonderful husband, and beautiful daughters!

  6. Lisa Smith /

    can we see the honeymoon art? Happy Cancerversary I mean Happy Do Today Well Birthday! And Happy Inspire Me Daily-ery… or something like that… What a journey it has been to ride along with you. Thank you for writing Jen. Love YOU.

  7. Erin Elizabeth /

    I am so happy to hear that you have NED! What an incredible miracle! You are often in my heart and on my mind.

    :hugs from the mitten:

  8. peggy /

    Jen, you’ve been blessed, and I’m SO very pleased! Keep that optimistic mindset and continue to Do Today (and every other day for the next 50+ years) Well! ♥p

  9. DENISE /

    Fantastic news, we are thrilled for you and your beautiful family. Go “keep doing today well” and a definite happy dance, twirling, and lots of snuggling hugs today and every day.
    Neecie Leo and Dan

  10. NED ♥
    Would love to see the honeymoon-inspired Celebration piece of art!

  11. Marlayne Skeens /

    Jen ~ Prayers answered ~ Blessings Galore !!!!! I am Soooooooo HAPPY for You, Your Family, Friends & Everyone That Prayed & Gave You HOPE 🙂 Here’s to 49+ years to spend w/ Hubby, Your Children, Parents, Family & Friends <3 🙂

  12. Tiffany Green /

    You are prayed for every day Jen….you and your mom…to remain cancer free and for God to continue to shine His miracles over both of you! B/c of you so many of us are doing our best to do today well. God is the ultimate healer and you are living proof of that…for 47+++++ years! Amen!!!

  13. Michelle /

    Those are happy thoughts!!! You are a gift to many!

  14. Newbyfriend /

    Hoping for the best, living for today! Pretty much sums it up for all of us, thank you Jen for articulating that. Norm and I are so thrilled with your NED news, my heart skips a beat when I think about it. You are a fighting miracle. Love you!!!

  15. Bonnie J /

    Fighting Miracle as Newbyfriend called you is so right !! Blessed beyond measure for you, Brad, Maren, Greta and the whole family! ! Only the Lord Knows His perfect purpose behind all of this but in the meantime I can only begin to imagine the encouragements that have been spread :’) have a lovely lovely day jen !!

  16. Sharon /

    Just read this post and I can’t stop crying tears if joy and simultaneously thanking God and wondering how you can ever stop dancing for joy and smiling. You held God’s hand and you walkied this journey in love. Well done, good and faithful servant of Doing Today Well and BEING well. Love,love, Love you. It may not appear so, but I am totally speechless and over the top happy for your ENTIRE family.

  17. Denice /

    Thank you, Lord! So happy for you! Looking forward to you telling us all about your girls’ proms, graduations and weddings!

  18. Thereas /

    So so happy to hear this news. You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. Hillary in Delaware /

    Tears of joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best news ever. SO unbelievably happy. Soaking in your amazing news. Celebrating with you from afar!!!!!!! The BEST news!!!

  20. This is the kind of news I love waking up to on a sunny spring day. Congratulations and may the next fifty years be yours for the taking.

  21. Shannon /

    This just all gives me goosebumps. Absolutely a wonderful miracle.