Feb 20

Today I took a nap in Greta’s bed.

I’ve outsourced most of the Greta-loving to Phenom and my family and friends during these tough days in the slide.  And, all those wonderful folks do indeed shower my Greta with love.  (But I still miss being with her, and a silly thing like napping in her bed worked for me today.)  

Today I took a short, slow, meandering walk outside today because it was 60+ degrees and I knew that if I didn’t capitalize on that February awesomeness I would regret it.

Ahhh, spring was in the air today.  As the snowmelt ran under my feet, I imagined blue chemo running through my veins, eroding any and all cancer cells to be taken away, away, away.

Today I zeroed in on Maren during the hours I had with her.

We connected, she shared, I listened.  It mattered.  It’s easy, some days, to mother my six-year-old without really seeing her.  Today I made an effort to press in, and tonight our hearts are full.  She’s an amazing kid; I’m so privileged to be her mama.

Today I seized the thirty minutes where Brad and I were awake in the house together and we talked.  For real talked, not just logistical, mundane, hand-off talk.

I love my husband and his heart.  So much, it sometimes hurts.

Today was a good day.

It was a small day.  A quiet day.  A simple day.  Very little was accomplished.  I’m behind on everything, and today I let it — all of it — slide right along with me.  But I invested in things that mattered, and I lay my head down tonight knowing that on day one of the blue slide, I was able to Do Today Well.


  1. Kim Rourke /

    Seems to me you did much to fill you day and your heart! You surely did today well.

  2. Marlayne Skeens /

    Well Done Jen, Well Done 🙂

  3. You did today very well!!!

  4. diane allen /

    We love you jen,all of us out here love you. You hold us all up and we want to hold you up during this time! You inspire me! Hugs and prayers to your family! 🙂

  5. May the Peace that passes all understanding fill you and your family and guide you thru the Blue and the Purple.

  6. You did what mattered most. Good reminder for all of us!

  7. Admittedly I’m no expert, but what I know about life is this ~ it’s doing the simple little things that result in the most satisfaction. You seem to have mastered that! Praying this “slide” will be over quickly. Stay strong. ♥p

  8. Lisa Smith /

    You are behind on nothing. You are leading us all to Do Today Well and we are so grateful. Love you Jen.

  9. Tiffany Green /

    Sounds like a perfect day and my heart is full reading about it!

  10. It sounds like a day done perfectly. You continue to inspire me.

    Prayers of health being sent to you.

  11. Colleen /

    You are doing so much without even realizing it. Your girls will cherish the time that you have spent with them and you can rest easier knowing that you spent that time with them. Enjoy every moment with your friends and family. That is what truly matters. All those little things are just that…things. They will always be there tomorrow.

  12. Tonja Hemmerick /

    Hello, I was anticipating seeing you yesterday. As I was driving to chemo. I thought to myself darn I forgot my purple. Then when I went for a glass of water during treatment I noticed the beautiful big blue mums sitting in a glass of water by the sink. Brought a smile to my face, and I thought no it’s the blue cycle. Miss you and think of you all so often.
    Love and prayers;