It’s Blue Chemo Day

Feb 17

Good Morning!

It’s blue day!  I’ve spent the weekend with my college roommates, so I am heading into this round on a high.  It’s odd: from girls weekend to chemo lounge; yes, this is my real life.  Our annual reunion has become a touchpoint of the year for most of us: we set goals, reflect and center in who we are as individuals.  Our husbands, and now our children, give us the time and space to escape into each other.  Love!

I’ll (hopefully) write more from the chemo room today, but I wanted to ask for some prayers for blue:

-Pray for my blood counts and my toe infection, that both would be in good enough shape for treatment today.

-Pray that the drugs would target the ugly and be in search-and-destroy mode in obliterating any cancer cells.  Pray for protection over the healthy cells and for no allergic reactions.

-Pray for my friends in the chemo room: that they, too, would be fierce cancer-killers today.

-Pray for my family, especially my parents, as they ache for me that I have to do this at all.  (And, remember family, I’ve got this.  I’m a cancer-killing machine today!  Go me!)




  1. Happy blue day!

  2. Kim Rourke /

    Go blue!! Go YOU!

  3. Praying for all you mentioned and for warm weather to help the girls enjoy outside again

  4. Patty Wheeler /

    I am wearing a blue sweater… :). Thinking of you!

  5. Newbyfriend /

    Praying for all of your requests!

  6. Wearing blue. Had a blueberry protein shake. But I’m not feeling “blue”. Rather I’m feeling very positive and am sharing those thoughts with you. Chemo is only a small percentage of the treatment…attitude and outlook factor in as well. Nobody does that better than you 🙂 Love that you spent the weekend with you BFFs and planned for the future. You rock, Jen! ♥p

  7. You’re so strong! Go Jen. 🙂 You can do all things through Him!

  8. Got my blue on! Praying!

  9. Michele /

    Good morning, Jen! Prayers & Sunshine for you today! Go blue!

  10. As an OSU fan, it’s hard for me to say this, but it’s all about the color…not the “team up North.” (LoL)

    GO BLUE!!!!!

    Strong Blue Warriors unite for a fierce fight!!!

  11. Praying and wearing blue today! The majority of the earth is blue (ocean) and don’t forget about that sky.

  12. Lisa Smith /

    LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYERS. Love you Jen. xoxo

  13. Marsha Vonderwish /

    Wearing blue for you and praying!!!!!

  14. Rebecca /

    Go blue, go!

  15. Tiffany Green /

    Lifting you all up in prayer! Kick cancer’s butt Blue chemo!!!

  16. Sending prayers – go blue!!!

  17. ohiofishergirl /

    Sending prayers your way and yes, I am dressed in blue from head to toe! 🙂 Hugs, Lauri

  18. Happy Blue Day Jen – go get ’em!! 🙂

  19. Tiffany Nabozny /

    Amazing pictures! She truly captured joy! Each one is better than the next. What a treasure…and boy does the snow capture this winter!

  20. jeanne deckert /

    Praying for all of that.

  21. Blue’s one of the best colors-you’re being held up with joy at your courage and peace in knowing you are indeed a cancer-killing machine and 48 more years may just be the beginning !~!

  22. Wore my blue swimsuit at the beach on Monday! We were thinking about you and sent a special prayer your way.