Yellow Chemo Week

Jan 05

I now need a vacation to recover from Christmas vacation.  Am I alone?

Our holiday was magical + magical + magical at every turn.  My “problems” are now to put away and sort and clean and organize all of the new treasures and bounty that we were given.  “Problems.”  Ha–not so much.

The best present, of course, was the quality time that we got in with family.  We are grateful for the big efforts that were made so that we could connect.

And now to expose you to the abrupt transition upon me: it’s chemo week!  Here’s the medical schedule:


Begin taking steroids for tomorrow’s chemo.


Yellow Chemo Day.  Drip pre-meds: Benadryl, Pepcid, steroids, fluids.  Drip Taxotere (chemo drug).  Drip Herceptin (biological drug).  Drip Perjeta (biological drug.)  All in all it is about 4.5-6 hours in the chemo chair.


Continue steroids.  Back to oncology office for Neulasta (white blood cell booster) shot


Continue steroids.  Follow up with Dr. Knockout after oophorectomy.


“The Slide” period, as I’ve come to know it.  I’ll be laying low and medicating for my windows where I need/want to be “on”.


I hope your holiday was filled with the best kind of riches: the love of people who love you.  Thank you for reading our story and for your prayers and well wishes!  I find them to be so encouraging.  Cheers to you!



  1. Today’s church bulletins were yellow, for joy in the new year. May you feel joyful as those chemo drugs go to battle, and may you look forward to a new year and a new year and a new year and a new year… 50 New Years in your future!

  2. Some time ago ( about 400 yrs) your mother bought a album ( LP – 33 – large shiny pastic thing we used for recorded music — see filed under “Antiques”- no not your mother I mean the LP ) , the album was called “Mellow Yellow ” – a great collection of music , I thought I was so cool to listen to it back then !! be “Mellow” this week and enjoy the feeling (?) of all those drugs dealing death and destruction to cancer

  3. Kim Rourke /

    This “dinosaur” is also shouting out for Mellow Yellow! It is often that which seems most mellow that has the most punch.

    Sending sunny yellow prayers!

  4. Bonnie J /

    Welcome Welcome Home from your travels !! Such wonderful memories and priceless moments for all of you. This really was a wonderful Christmas.. Today is painted Yellow and we’re praying, supporting, being there even when we can’t be with you. Standing with you today Jen..

  5. Deanna /

    I’m wearing a bright yellow tshirt today in honor of yellow chemo. May the drugs do their work yet spare you the icky side effects. I’m readjusting to my MS injections (after a nice 2 and 1/2 year break with pregnancy and nursing) and the side effects can be unpleasant at times. When I’m feeling sick, I remember two things as of late…1) I’ve learned how the side effects feel, what injections make them kick in sooner, and that I know what to do to combat them and 2) what I’m feeling is nothing like what Jen is feeling so I pray for you and i do my best to do today well. So thanks for sharing your journey. Deanna from Northstar

  6. Peggy /

    I’m typically against violence of any kind…but can I just say I truly, truly hope the yellow Chemo kicks the fool out of those cancer cells…they’re evil little buggers!!! Wish I could be a stand in for you when the nasty “Chemo slide” begins. Do Today Well ♥p

  7. Tiffany Green /

    I’ll be praying extra hard for you this week. Just rest in knowing that you are covered in prayer by so many. Go kick some yellow chemo butt!

  8. Praying in Va.

  9. Sharon /

    Still visualizing you under the warmth of God’s sunshine, sitting in a field of Mother Nature’s daffodils with man’s mellow yellow flowing through you, forcing all cancer cells out, out, out. Praying with out ceasing. Believing in you, Rainbow Princess.

  10. Karen /

    I was able to give my partner her neulasta shot at home..I wonder if you’re doctors would allow the same for you…saves so much energy and time?? Just a thought. Continued prayers of strength to you and your sweet family.