Orange Chemo

Dec 16

Orange Chemo

You know, when I named my chemo treatments after the colors of the rainbow, I really didn’t think that it would “catch on” the way that it has.  I was simply after a new numbering/naming system since I went with numbers the first time around.  The colors of the rainbow just popped into my head one night as I thought about it.

However, people all over the world have emailed/messaged/commented to let me know that they are wearing orange, eating orange food, and thinking orange on Monday as a sign of solidarity with me.  I find this to be simply amazing.

It’s times like this, when I see the ripples of connection that have come through this blog that I start feeling very, very small, and very, very humble, and so very, very loved.  Little Old Me in Ohio is pretty well awestruck by all the people who are loving me through this season of chemo.  Thank you, people.  You really have no idea how much your collective voices encourage me.

After surgery on Friday, Brad and I had Chinese takeaway for dinner.  Here was my fortune:


So apropos for my season of life right now, no?  So… bring on Orange Chemo!

Tonight I as laid out the orange outfits that NanaRoz found for the girls, I explained to Maren that tomorrow was Orange Chemo Day.  She knows (and likes) Dr. Wonderful: her art hangs above his desk.  She knows the Chemo Room, she has sat in the recliners and chatted with the nurses.  She knows I’m going to a safe place.  She, even at age six, knows that the vibe in the Chemo Room is sacred and peaceful.  She is not afraid.  She does not want me to have cancer, but she is being brave as she walks out her own journey through this.

Greta is growing and understanding more and more.  I’ve just retired her 3T clothes–and she’s barely 2-1/2!  When I came home after my lung surgery, she would reach under my collar bone for my port and ask, “Did you feel better at the hostiggle, Mom?  Did you feel better?”  It was her way of accepting the changes that had occurred over the month: she knows that the port is a good thing, where I get my medicine, and she knows the hostiggle will make me feel better.  She, too, is such a trooper.

Lord, how I love those girls.

Brad has elevated his game so that I feel a whole new level of princess-ness.  I find this to be quite impressive, as he has always treated me with abundant love and grace.  He spoils me and dotes on me and waits on me with endless patience and love.  I’m so blessed that he chose me.

I look around and I twirl with arms outstretched as I see the blessings around me.  I pray that Orange Chemo would track down any cancer cells and eradicate them.  I pray for the miracle of 50 more years.

Thank you for supporting me today, and every day!  Blessings to you!



  1. Catherine Butterworth /

    Orange Monday has me at my desk, doing computer work relating to my new role as Exhibition Secretary for The Quilters’ Guild of NSW Inc. At present I’m reformatting some forms and my ORANGE HIGHLIGHTER is working overtime! Go Orange Chemo! Love, Catherine

  2. Sharon Hajek /

    Rainbow Princess, you and your Prince Charming, have our devotion, love, and prayers. The rainbow arches around you showering you with hope, promise, and radiating healing Light. Orange juice is the drink of the day. Here’s to you, Rainbow Promises,

  3. Tiffany /

    I thought you might find this funny…the only orange I own is a myriad of Cleveland Browns shirts! Sad, but true, and I will wear one proud, all over Cincinnati on Monday! Love and big hugs to you, my friend! Orange chemo is “on”! Bring it!

  4. Love the fortune – indeed so very apropos! And LOVE the descriptions of your sweet family doing their parts to fight this battle alongside you. I’m channeling warmest thoughts of all of you loving each other hand in hand through the next 50 years!!

  5. I’m thinking of Rainbow Brite from the 80s…
    Loving you,
    Bo Peep

  6. Prayer, mixed with a hearty dose of Orange Chemo, is a very powerful medicinal partnership. I don’t know God does it–how he makes this miraculous combination of both heaven and earth. And we don’t need to know either. We only need to do our part; the prayer part. So I will, with many others, stand in that sacred place with you and you will be surrounded, all of you–your sore and achey spots, your strong and tough(er) spots–with the tender and healing Breath of Heaven.

  7. I’m currently sitting at my desk at work in my bright orange shirt and thinking of you and your girls and Brad. Have a great Cancer Fighting Day, my the good guys seek out the bad and leave as many of your good cells alone as possible. xx

    • Praying for you in Maryland!
      Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
      God bless you today!

  8. Newbie friend /

    May you feel peace and joy as you soak in ; all the love being sent your way, all the chemo intended to give you long life and all the prayers being prayed on your behalf.. I’m wearing my orange sweatshirt as I cuddle my 6 wk old grandson today. The fortune cookie was right on, so cool that God is so creative!!

  9. Prayers and positive healing thoughts were sent the minute I opened my eyes this morning. Both Pete and I are donning our orange (YES, he’s on your team as well!); we’ve even planned an orange dinner ~ salmon! I love reading about the “Butterfly Effect”…complete with the universe making sure you got a rainbow fortune in your cookie! That’s an excellent sign that magic is happening! I’m picturing the orange Chemo dripping into you today much like the broom scene in Fantasia…they will be whisking those cancer cells right out! ♥p

  10. Jen – I don’t have anything orange in my wardrobe (or my children’s), but we will be sending you lots and lots of orange vibes and you will be in our thoughts througout the day.

    Lots of love! we’re all helping you carry this weight.

  11. Jen powers /

    Just read exodus 33:14- thinking of you. The LORD replied, “I will personally go with you, Moses, and I will give you rest. Everything will be fine for you.” Praying he peace of God that surpasses all understanding is all over you for orange chemo
    Day. Go orange chemo, go orange chemo- GO!!!

  12. Rebecca /

    Go Orange, Go!!!! Blessings to you.

  13. Tiffany Green /

    Wow…. Your fortune out of your cookie gave me goose bumps! That’s a total God moment for sure! You will rock orange day and I’ll definitely be praying that orange kicks those cancer cells in the butt! Feel the love, the peace and the prayers today!

  14. Ann Yelle /

    I will be thinking “orange” today as I go about my blood work and six month check with my own Dr. Wonderful. Loved the fortune cookie message. Christmas Blessings to you and your family….

  15. Sue Nitz /

    Dear Father in Heaven,
    Thank you so much for the gift of Jen’s life and for allowing her to be such a wonderful witness to so many. Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding her as she uses the gifts God has given her. May all those that are touched by her life be blessed and be brought closer to the knowledge of Your great love for us.

    Be with Jen today as she receives her treatment. Lay Your healing hand upon her Dear Jesus and as she sits and waits may she feel the warmth of Your love for her. Give her the gift of life, oh Lord, that she, along with her beautiful family may continue to proclaim Your love to others. Be with Brad and continue to give him strength. And dear Lord be with Maron and Gretta and guide and protect them and send your special angels to be with them during her time of healing.

    During this season of waiting we thank you Lord for teaching us through Mary, that nothing is impossible with God. May the promise of Hope and the feeling of Peace fill our hearts and bless our families.

    In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  16. As “orange” is my favorite color I will wear it proudly on Mondays. The fortune was awesome…You have encouraged me in taking on my own personal “stuff” today. I am trying to do it well(or at least pretty good). Happy Hostiggle day!:)

  17. Lori6NV /

    Best wishes on orange chemo! Trying to find some orange to wear in your honor, may end up in a Halloween tshirt. 🙂 Stay strong, mama. We’re all thinking of you today.

  18. Good luck on Orange chemo day today. Wow the fortune cookie kind of gave me goosebumps.. When I think about you doing the rainbow colors for your chemo days, and when I think of rain, I always think of clean and fresh and new, and that’s what I think of today when I think of you. God is giving you another clean, fresh and new day toward your 50 years. God Bless you Jen and your Family, as they are some pretty special people. Hugs to you all.

  19. Sharon House /

    LOL – Similar to Tiffany, the only orange I have (and I have an abundance) is University of Tennessee Volunteers wear, but it is a beautiful orange. “Go ORANGE – Game on!” BTW – I saw Marin and Greta yesterday at your folks – they were helping your mom bake cookies. They are growing up so quickly, and like their mama, just beautiful. Hugs and Prayers coming your way.

  20. Heather Rose /

    Juiced carrots and drank in their orange nectar today! Go orange chemo! Kick butt.