I look a little different now

Dec 09

I look a little different now




I don’t know what your Saturday night looked like, but this is what our Saturday night looked like:IMG_7120

Once my hair started falling out, I decided to buzz it.  If you wait, then you shed hair and it gets everywhere, and clogs the shower drain, and makes a big mess (over the 3-7 days it takes for it to all fall out).  Rather than leaving a trail of strawberry blond hair, I just wanted it out.  Plus, it was really, really itchy.  We had our friends over: James & Amy Lenhoff and their trio of kids.  Just like my last Head Shaving Party, this one was also a fun family affair.

Hair is just hair.  I’m secure in my identity, and I am confident my husband thinks I’m super sexy beautiful, so it’s just not a big deal for me.  My main concern is that my children are not traumatized by the hair factor, and as you can see in the pictures that follow, they are so rolling with it.

James and Amy are the couple behind-the-scenes at the help4andersons@gmail.com email address.  Brad and I tell them what we need, and James and Amy organize and mobilize and take all the logistics away from us.  It’s been a great service to us, and one of my top recommendations for fellow cancer patients: appoint (non-family) Help Coordinators.  It really truly helps, which is the whole point.  Thanks James and Amy–we love you guys.

We had five kids ages seven and under, and — oh yes! — they all took a turn with the hair clippers.  Brad kicked things off:


And then Maren couldn’t wait to have a turn.  She was so looking forward to this!



Shortly after we started, Greta ran into the play room and got her high chair and her koala.  So we had to pause on my hair so that her koala could get a trim (with the clippers in the Off position).  This was one of my favorite parts of the night–it was all her idea and such a beautiful way for her to engage.  I’m so in awe of how my children are thriving in our circumstances.  They. Are. Amazing.



James had a turn, and he, too, was pretty psyched about this.  James and I have been friends since high school, so this year we hit the mark where we’ve been friends for half our lives.  He and Amy came to a party at my (parent’s) house on their first date in the 90s, so Amy and I have been friends for almost that long too.






Everyone rubbed my head for luck.


No injuries occurred during the course of this head-shaving, though Amy and I agree this might not have been our best parenting idea.  If her boys cut off her daughter’s (long, beautiful) hair while “playing hair dresser”, it is now all my fault.



Check out Maren’s face–ha!



At one stage I had an off-center mohawk.  The room was filled with an anointing of laughter and love.









  1. Simply beautiful.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! You amaze me! You are such a good mommy and it is a true testament to you, Brad and the rest of your family that your girls are thriving. Praying for miracles for you and your sweet little family!

  3. Kimberly Conner Jensen /

    You look GORGEOUS!!

  4. You look beautiful!

  5. Radiant as ever! Love the pictures. Xo.

  6. Bonnie BJ /

    All I have to say is, Beautiful Lady with her Prince Charming !! Love is beyond all measure and support beyond the moon. Love you all !! Only the Lord can do this…

  7. Sue Nitz /

    Thank you for sharing your fun with us! I just LOVE the pic of you and Brad at the end. Beautiful love! God is doing amazing things through you. Love to you.

  8. Jen Powers /

    You do today well, and no hair well. Crazy stunning, again.

  9. Newbie friend /


  10. You are as beautiful as ever Jen! And I agree hair is just hair — imho, being bald is totally awesome 🙂

  11. Tiffany /

    To my beautiful, amazing, inspiring Jen! My heart is filled with joy looking at these pictures, and my eyes are filled with tears. You are truly living each day well!!

  12. Beautiful inside and out. You are literally radiant in that last pic.

  13. Aunt Annie /

    You look radiant! I enjoyed the sequence of pictures, but the last one touched my heart with Brad’s embrace! Continue to stay calm and scalp on!

  14. Leah Chapman /

    Love the new non-do…you are beautiful and those pictures made me smile.

  15. Sharon /

    Your beauty within shines throughout!

  16. denise /

    Jen..as long as you have been alive..you never cease to amaze me.
    You are such a special person and such a shining star,…..

  17. Lindsay /

    Super fun!! You look radiant!

  18. You shine Jesus brighter when you’re bald than most people do hairy. Just sayin’… 🙂 🙂 LOVE AND PRAYERS…

  19. Hair, or no hair — your beauty shines from the inside out! This kind of joy amid your circumstances, is a direct fruit of the Holy Spirit living in you and it is so inspiring! You can see this joy in your face and it’s amazing!

    I wish we were friends in real life! You are such an incredible person! Thanks for blessing me as your share your journey!

    Hugs from a sister in Christ in Texas!!!!!

  20. Shannon Weiss /

    Loved this post, loved the pictures and love the positive spirit! You look beautiful as ever Jen!

  21. You look beautiful, Jen. I love the last picture with you and Brad, especially. Sending my love!

  22. Mary Ann St John /

    Wow! Your shining beauty! You’re a shining beauty!

  23. Jen Roesch /

    Just lovely!

  24. Hair…no hair…still radiant 🙂

  25. Kim Mcilnay /

    Beautiful! What a special experience during what could otherwise be a hard, hard time! What a wonderful family and wonderful friends! <3

  26. You are amazing and i agree with your husband, you’re stunning with or without hair.
    I must admit that its taking me a while to get used to having to do something with my hair again, I wasn’t as comfortable as you with being bald but i must admit in terms of the morning routine it was great! And don’t get me started on my leg hair! That stuff feels like it has to make up for lost time I’m sure!!

  27. Shannon K /


  28. In every picture you’re smiling! My admiration for you is beyond measurable, Jen. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way!

  29. Patty Wheeler /

    You look gorgeous…

  30. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  31. Kristen /

    You look beautiful!

  32. You look stunning! And SUPER happy!

  33. Love and hugs!

  34. You are so beautiful Jen, hair or no hair. And the Love of your family and friends just brings happy tears. You are so blessed. I think and pray for you everyday, even though we have never met you are the most wonderful person and always looking forward to seeing and reading your next blog. You are always radiant and never show the pain if you ever have any. God is always with you. I only wish you and your family Love and Happiness thru this wonderful holiday season.

  35. Different = fabulous.

  36. kathy swim /

    You are the most beautiful bald person I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!! I too did the dog clipper shave a year and a half ago and of course it grew back but this time curly. I haven’t had a haircut in all that time and friends keep saying it looks great. I don’t do anything to it. It’s been so easy and fun! There’s silver linings to chemo! Get well and enjoy that extra time you have now not messing with hair!!!!!!!! You really have the most amazing support and you deserve it! What a strong and wonderful woman you are! I’m keeping you in my prayers every night!

  37. You’re stunning, inside and out!

    I always stop whatever I’m doing to read your updates and pray for you. I’m so grateful for your humbling perspective and lessons in love for your family and the Lord. I continue to think of you as I try harder and harder to Do Today Well.

    Merry Christmas from Seattle!

  38. ohiofishergirl /

    Love the pics—especially the one of you and Brad. 🙂 Sending our love to all of you, Lauri & Dale

  39. Maureen /


  40. Tiffany Green /

    Simply stunning even though my eyes are filled with tears and I’m looking with blurred vision…..such a touching post. Sweet Maren and Greta are absolute blessings from God and of course, so is Brad. You are all so lucky to have each other!

  41. Hair -smair I say. You rock your stuff. Your eyes are windows to your love of you family and love of life.
    sending big bugs

  42. Love shows through your eyes and smile. I love the picture of you with Brad post hair. Love is indeed in the air.

  43. Your inner beauty shines whether you have hair or not and your family’s support inspires me in amazing ways I cannot articulate. Thank you.

  44. Denise G. /

    Ill never forget the moment we shaved my mom’s head last year, after her first dose of chemo. It started to really hurt her as it fell out. I went to pick her up for an appointment one day and she was apologizing for running late because she had to stand outside while it came out in clumps. My stepdad had been resisting pulling out his shaver but when he got home that night she said that was it. We stood around her in the backyard as he finally did what she had been asking for. I cleaned up her hair and it was really a moment I am so glad I shared. Now NED her hair is growing pretty fast and her little do is so cute.

    Continued thoughts and prayers for you and your family.