These days

Nov 15

My heal-and-recover days are going pretty much as I expected.  I’m at my parent’s house, and Brad, Maren, Greta and SuperGramma are at my house.

I wake up in the morning (on my own terms — no alarms, no small children) and I read while I wait for my pain medication to take effect.  Once it’s kicked in, I get up and get ready for the day.  My lifting restrictions are strict: no lifting anything more than 5 pounds for the next 6 weeks.  Well, I guess I’m down to 4 weeks, 6 days.  My generous parents are doing all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and lifting.  I’m left to quietly return emails, entertain visitors, plan medical logistics, work on photo books, talk to friends on the phone, and write.  I don’t have to set a timer to take my medicine, my movement dictates when the time is up and I need help to keep going.

People keep asking me if I’m bored, and the answer to that is most definitely no.  I miss my regular life, the hustle and bustle and chaos and fun of my little family, but I’m not bored.  I enjoy my quiet projects and the freedom of doing what I want to do when I want to do it.  It is sort of like a vacation in that regard.  I confess I don’t let myself dwell on what Maren and Greta are up to–the tears of separation come far too quickly if I do that.

Brad is super-busy–he’s being SuperDad for Maren and Greta, especially since I am absent.  He’s communicating with his mom to keep the home running.  He’s meeting with friends and gathering advice.  He’s working his demanding full time job (though his company is being exceptionally gracious to our situation).  He’s taking me on random pseudo-dates.  He’s crunching numbers and logistics to figure how how we can pull off this next season of Not What We’d Planned.

SuperGramma is doing it all at my house.  Maren is being super brave.  She misses me terribly, but allows herself to be distracted whenever possible.  Greta is confused; she knows I was in the “hostiggle”, but she asks for me multiple times a day.  The greatest bittersweetness of this story is that Maren has become Greta’s biggest comfort source.  Greta climbs into Maren’s bed at night.  Maren’s presence calms Greta.  Maren feel proud and competent to play an important role for her baby sister.  I’m not even present to see their sisterly bond play out, and yet as it is described to me I am both proud and happy for them both.

I’m so glad they have each other.

I think that my beautiful girls are making the best–choosing joy–loving–smiling–being kind–being brave–to the best of their six-year-old and two-year-old ability.

And so I keep doing the best I can.  I choose joy, love, smile, am kind, am brave because of my love for my girls.

So many people are helping us, praying for us–directly and indirectly–and I think we can do this.

This is not an easy time for my little family.  But, God bless us, we are doing it well.



  1. You are doing it so well. God bless you all.

  2. Lisa Smith /

    You got that freaking right Jen! You are all doing this well! Love you all!

  3. ohiofishergirl /

    Keep doing what you’re doing and I know you will do it well! You rock!! Thinking of you, wishing you sweet dreams tonight and sending gentle hugs, Lauri

  4. You have a lot of super people in your super life. What a gift. They help you “in the near”. And “from the far”, here WE are; loving you, hoping for you, and sending you along on the wings of heartfelt prayer. Having had a bandit of prayer warriors of my very own, I always hoped to “pay it forward” someday, to bless a life the way mine had been blessed. So it is with enthusiasm and energy I come before God with my work: to do today’s (prayer work) well. For you and your little family. May He give you peace for healing.

  5. You may miss your regular life like mad, but the “writer mind” could never be bored! Maybe you’ve already made a “wish board” with Maren (you know…cutting out pictures from magazines of things you want to do, places to see, etc. and putting them on a fancy little bulletin board); if not, that could be a fun activity the two of you could do. We all know that once we’ve written something down, we work like mad to make it happen. Your massive behind-the-scenes army will take care of doing all the praying for “The Little Family That Can” allowing you the freedom to forge ahead being “magical moments mom”. ((((( hugs )))))

  6. Patty Wheeler /

    I think of you and pray for you so often during the day. You are doing what you need to do and that will bring you home in 4 weeks and 6 days.

  7. Bonnie B /

    This is your current season – a season of receiving Grace, the freedom to create, a season of unfailingly Trust and Love. The band of warrior friends are here to assist, love and be there for you, Brad, Maren and Greta. That is what the Body of Christ does. We all love you All !! You and yours are always close to my heart and in my prayers. Have a wonderful day today visiting with your special ladies ★★★

  8. What a sweet story about your girls. I hope you’re having a great time making photo books for them. Prayers for a speedy recovery and the strength to handle what’s to come. You’re one amazing mama. Blessings to your sweet family.