More waiting

Nov 11

I’ve still got my chest tube in, but we are waiting on my latest chest x-ray to perhaps get it taken out.  A lot of my pain is supposed to be relieved once the tube comes out, so I am very much looking forward to that.

Also I was, perhaps, foolishly optimistic in thinking that the pathology report from my surgery would be back today.  Dr. Wonderful came by today to tell me that he doesn’t have the report yet, so it was nice to see him, but we didn’t get any new information from him today. The pathology report comes from the lab and it will tell the oncologist a whole bunch of important details: hormone sensitivity, protein sensitivity, aggressiveness, type, etc. of the cancer.  The layperson will not understand most of the report, but Dr. Wonderful will use all of those specific details to make a treatment plan involving any combination of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, surgery, radiation, and hormone therapy.  The treatment plan is very important because it will dictate what the next several months are going to look like for me and for our little family.  Believe me, I am eager to get that treatment plan, and I will share it when I know it.

In the meantime I am hitting my pain button every 8 minutes as I need it.  I am making a Shutterfly photo book of our Australia trip.  (It’s my first time using Shutterfly–any thoughts on which is the best (quality and cost) of these companies?)  I’m visited by a humorously large parade of hospital staff–I shudder to think of what this hospital bill is going to amount to with all of the attention I’ve been getting.  I’ve given up on daytime television because I felt myself actually getting dumber, and I am listening to music on my computer instead; I’m realizing I need some new playlists.  I’m reading, writing, and generally having a series of lazy days.

Selfishly, I am grateful to be here, mostly alone, because I know it is what my body needs right now.  As much as Maren and Greta also need me, I know that SuperGramma is doting on them and filling my shoes at home.  Brad and I had a hospital date night last night and I shake my head as he is first in line to show me just how much I am loved.

So, as I wait, that is what I think about; the love is amazing!  Thank you!



  1. I am so happy to get updates, even though we have never met. I have mentioned you in conversation with friends more than once and shared your blog with a friend fighting breast cancer. You continue to be in my prayers. Can’t blame you on the daytime t.v., and sorry, I don’t have any advise on shutterfly, but I look forward to what your readers can share, i’d like to do some digital scrapbooking as well. Praying for you…

  2. Karin Eppert /

    Have you ever listened to any soaking music? Do a search on YouTube if you’re able – Julie True Sounds of Healing….

  3. I have made two Shutterfly photobooks and I have been very happy with them. I find the site very user friendly and I like the layout options. Wait for coupon offers to get a better price. The only other site I have compared though is Winkflash, I didn’t like their layouts as well. So my opinion isn’t really based on a lot of comparison.
    I pray for you daily. Your strength is inspiring.
    God Bless

  4. Kristen /

    Thinking of you Jen and sending you tons of love from MN!

  5. Julie Reardon /

    While we have not ever met I have followed you, prayed for you, been happy with you and sad. I never comment but felt led to empathize with you over this surgery. I have had 2 lung collapses and more chest tubes than I would like but can give hope that the pain is greatly decreased once the tube is out. I shudder to remember the amount of pain involved but also am confident in God’s timing and the amazing job the tube is doing to keep your lung clear and healing. Prayers and love to you and your family from California.

  6. I highly recommend anything by Mat Kearney!

  7. You just soak up all that love – LOVE HEALS. Re:Shutterfly – I use it all the time and it is by FAR the best option. All of the choices can be overwhelming so what I generally do is to start with a basic book with white pages and then I’ll go in and pick about 4-5 different backgrounds that coordinate and then I alternate pages where the photo takes up the entire page with one of the color backgrounds. Save OFTEN. Then when you are done just keep it in your account until a good sale comes along, don’t settle for less than 40% off and free shipping, they happen often and regularly, you won’t have to wait for long. If you need help or have any questions you can email me, I’ve done so many and I’d love to help!

  8. Suzanna /

    Praying for you and your family. Hugs!

  9. Tiffany Green /

    Love your updates and sending you love and prayers from TN!

  10. Maureen /

    I love Shutterfly for what it’s worth. I think they have great templates and super easy as well.

  11. Sounds like you’re upbeat (as usual) today! I’ve used Shutterfly many times and the quality is great. They have coupon codes frequently too, sometimes for free photo books. Right now, the only deal I could find is free shipping over $30 orders – SHIP30.

    I’ve been enjoying the new Katy Perry album in terms of music. 🙂

  12. Lisa Smith /

    Hope you can get that chest tube out ASAP friend. For music, I have been listening to Pandora: Enter the Worship Circle. Some other fave computer listening is Grooveshark (free albums, no commercials): Sandra McCracken, Kate Hurley, Karla Adolphe, Enter the Worship Circle (obviously) and The Blackthorn Project. Let me know what you think! xoxoxo
    ps. Gloria says hqiwwwwwqqqqqq2qqqqqqqqqqqq with a giggle and a smile

  13. Darlene Cliff /

    I wish we could be closer to spend time with you and help Brad, the girls and your family. My thoughts are with you guys 24/7 and prayers are constant. While feeling so helpless here, I hope our wishes of love and prayer find their way from our heart to yours. You have an amazing strength that helps even others cope with much less than yourself. You are SPECIAL. I think of Brad waiting to find that special life mate; you are the one and I know why. I have sometimes thought you have provided all of us with extra strength to get through our daily struggles more than we have given you.
    Please know you are always near and dear and the prayers will continue. Be strong, be brave. Love you from the Cliff family.

  14. Jen with two boys /

    Hoping for the best possible treatment plan for your little family!

    I use MyPublisher for all of my photo books. They tend to get pricey for me since I always do enormous books but the quality is excellent and they have very flexible, simple, clean templates. They are some of my most treasured possessions.

  15. Sue Brelsford /

    Find myself waiting for updates from you. We are all praying for all the same things you are. Tube, be gone, pain, be gone, worry be gone…….

    I have used Shutterfly for years. Make calendars every year, soooo many books, both hard back and soft sided. Even made the charm bracelet. I do personalized greeting cards for those special occasions and they’re cheaper than the ones I by at Walgreens. Compared to other like entities, they offer the best price and their timeliness is fantastic. What fun I have creating these one of a kind gifts.

    You did well today, bring on tomorrow.

    Mom and Dad’s Neighbor

  16. Patty Wheeler /

    Love and you are amazing! Thinking and praying for you a lot…

  17. Marlayne Skeens /

    Rest, Rest, Rest Dear Jen ~ when this is all over, your Girlie Girls will be running you ragged !!!!!!! It is such a Great Feeling knowing you are really, really, really LOVED <3 🙂

  18. We have never met but I am friends with Shannon and Marc. You are in my thoughts and Prayers!

  19. Jen powers /

    Misty Edwards and over the Rhine are my favorites. U prob know them though!! Not sure about the photo stuff- sorry no help there! Continuing to pray for wimpy, boring cancer and for the LORD to multiply your sleep and quicken the healing process! Love to you!

  20. Bonnie J /

    After having made many books. .I’ve used Costco, as well as Shutterfly. All good but Blurb great for more text options. Try to enjoy your quiet afternoons Jen and the peace. Your body is resting and being strengthened minute by minute. Praying you get home soon! !

  21. Jen, sending you lots of love and support!! As for your question about Shutterfly, I make Shutterfly books after every vacation that we take. I love Shutterfly! And my daughter, Rachel, is a wiz at it too. So, if you need any coaching on the Australia book, just let us know and we’ll be happy to come give you some tips!

    xoxoxoxo, Jula

    • Rachel (Julia's daughter) /


      My mom sends me your blogs frequently and may I simply say that you are a phenomenal woman of strength! Although we have only met a couple of times, I can picture you and your radiating beauty and strength. Hang in there and keep smiling and SOAK IN ALL THE LOVE! Your family is amazing and they are a blessing to everyone! If you want any help with the shutterfly book, I basically live on the shutterfly website. I’m currently at school in South Carolina but will be home for a month around Dec. 12. Let me know if you would like any tips from afar or some help when I get home!

      Lots of love and prayers to you and your family!
      Rachel Poston

  22. Rascal Flatts!! Even if you aren’t a country fan they are uplifting even though it’s a generic romantic type of music… in case you are looking for music suggestions! Also Mumford and Sons is my fav and they have the best lyrics EVER… even better than Indigo Girls in my humble opinion! Hang in there lady! Praying that chest tube comes out asap! You are in my thoughts and prayers in general!

  23. Sharon Hajek /

    You write about being in a fuzzy haze and I’m so dazed by your journey and determination that my mind cannot even wrap around your words. How do I respond except with amazement. You have a brilliant mind that is both organized and creative. You have a spirit that choses to do today well…lovingly and positively no matter what. You have faith that inspires and uplifts others and is boundless. So sweet child, beautiful woman I believe in you and put my trust with yours in Gods healing power.