The WOO at the end

Sep 17

The WOO at the end is what matters.

Our seventeen hour flight from Texas, USA to Queensland, AUS ended up taking us twenty hours.  There was bad weather on the east coast of Australia last night, so we had to go around the storms.  We didn’t have enough fuel to maintain the rigorous safety standards, so we were required to make a refueling stop in Noumea.  I know, where?  I can’t tell you anything about the place.  We sat on the plane (weren’t allowed to de-plane at 4:15am local time) for an hour and twenty minutes while it refueled.  Since the four of us occupied the four middle seats in the plane (full flight–no extra seats to stretch out in), we couldn’t even see out the window what Noumea has to offer.

Overall it went as expected.  Maren enjoyed the in-flight entertainment immensely (as I knew she would), and Greta was frustrated by almost everything about the flight (as I knew she would be).  We all slept a little bit, all of it during the first half of the flight, so it was that second half (including those bonus three hours) that were *really special.*

But, after walking through Australian customs with Greta screaming like a crazed banshee, we made it: our people were waiting for us and we were WOOOOO HOOOOed into Australia.  We have the best family.  AND all the gear fit into the car with a lot of room to spare.  Phew.

It’s so good to be here and to see my girls here.  Maren is intrigued by the steering wheels and cars on the “wrong” side.  She’s learning Aussie slang: chips = french fries, lolly = candy, togs = swim suit, jumper = sweatshirt.  My uncles have won them over already and they are buddies.

We went directly from the airport to see my grandmother, Ma.  The fact that we were willing to go to her before showering our hours and hours of travel crud off says something about how important she is to our family.  She was able to see Maren be Maren and Greta be Greta.  She was able to see me, cancer-free and to see mom cancer-free.  I’m looking forward to building on all of that over the next month.

Aussies: we’re here!  Woo HOOOOO!


  1. walker girl /

    I was just thinking about you guys and wondering if you had arrived yet. Continued prayers for continued safe travel. Can’t wait to hear more about your time with your family. Tell Roz hi and we miss her already.

  2. Kim Rourke /

    Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Woo hoo!!!! Your “Ma” will not remember me, but I remember her! Her grace, her attentive conversation, her, HER! Hugs to Ma from me!

    • So glad God’s traveling mercies has gotten you all there, safe and sound. Much love to you all, please have a safe, blessed and happy time. May God Bless You And Keep You, Always!!!!

    • Pat Powell /

      Dear Kim I think that I have replied to you – I do remember you and your husband – of course- you would please me if you corresponded with me to tell me of your doings about your man and of course the children Sincerely Pat. P. with love XXXX

  3. I’m smiling ear to ear thinking how wonderful this trip will be for everyone! We have a “little bit” (my term for grandchildren) about Greta’s age. She’s not exactly the quietest passenger on any flight either. But such is life! Drink it all in…the kangaroos, the koala’s, the emus and ostrich…all the slang terms…what a great experience for little minds. Your mom and I already have a date set after Thanksgiving when I’m “back home” so she can tell me all about the visit. Maybe you and the girls could stop by! In the meantime…keep us all “posted”! 🙂

  4. Bonnie B /

    Was wondering how your adventure in the air went. So grateful that you made it safely – have a wonderful wonderful time !!! God’s blessing all the way. .

  5. ohiofishergirl /

    Woo hoo!!! Have a wonderful time with your Aussie family!!! Hugs, Lauri & Dale

  6. Marsha Vonderwish /

    AWESOME!!!!!! Have the time of your lives!

  7. I’m glad you had a safe “entertaining” trip. Say “hi” to all of your Aussie family from your family in Wisconsin. Have a great time and give everyone hugs from me.

  8. So jealous! Have a great time!!!!

  9. In related news, Fancy handled the long journey to Detroit without making a peep. Glad you arrived at long last…that 20 hours business just ain’t right. Give my love to everybody! xoxoxo

  10. kathleen /

    So glad you and the family made it safely! Now all you have to do is enjoy and bask in the love of the Aussies!

  11. 3 bonus hours!! Oh boy, you all were troopers. I am so excited for you all!