My big girl

Aug 26

My big girl


This is my favorite back-to-school picture.  Not because of the pose or the cuteness but because it brings me back to the moment.  It’s you, Maren, charging off the bus (after a great first day) and on your way to me.  You took off from the steps of the school bus and started running for me.  You leapt five feet in front of me and jumped into my arms.  (It’s a miracle we didn’t both go down.)  You clung to me like a monkey and I kissed the top of your head and told you how much I missed you all. day. long.  Greta, also thrilled that you were home, danced a little jig beside us and gave you a hug when you finally let go of me.

You are uninhibited, you are free, you are gorgeous.  I love you to the moon and back.

I’m outed as not-a-Pintrest-mama because I do not have you holding a picture of a sign that says “I’m in First Grade”.  Sorry kiddo.  I did write a note to you and put it in your lunchbox which, as expected, delighted you.  You had a wonderful first day, though it was a loooong day.  You asked if you could skip recess and come home sooner.  Leave it to you to ask to skip recess, of all things.

You are antsy to get started on important first grade things and done with the back-to-school procedural stuff.  (I’m with you on that one; I was that was as both a student and as a teacher.)  You are thrilled that Mrs. Heart is your teacher again, and you made a new friend on your second day of school.  I’m so proud of you.

We made it monkey Maren… First Grade.  I am so excited to watch you grow.  I pray God gives me the strength to nuture your kind, loving spirit and to give you wings to fly.

I love you sweet girl.


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  1. Love the exuberance!! With Maren’s bright…and delightful!…take on life, I guess I had not fully realized her age. I’m a little surprised your cutie is only in the first grade. Good for her! She’s an early student of life, which will coordinate well with her formal education.