A great day

Aug 14

A great day

Did you ever have one of those days?  You know, a great day.

We woke up today with Daddy home from his trip–this makes us all start off the day with the right mojo.  Greta and Maren were both near frantic with excitement of his return and had so much catching up to do.

We got the news early this morning (via neighborhood text-mania) that teacher assignments were posted online.  I frantically searched for Maren’s student ID number, and my hoarding tendencies paid off: I had it in a folder labeled “Maren’s Kindergarten Stuff” which was under the large leaning pile of Kindergarten Stuff that has been threatening to topple over on my desk all summer.  Whoopsies.  Anyway, I was able to get her teacher’s name: Mrs. Heart!  Maren’s beloved Kindergarten teacher has moved up to first grade, so Maren will be blessed by her two years in a row.  This news is especially sweet to my heart because this summer it was Maren’s most-asked prayer request: “Dear God, Please let me have Mrs. Heart for first grade.  Amen.”  It would pop up in the most random of weeks throughout June, July and August, and I am so happy that little prayer was answered.  Game on for first grade!

Next I got the call from Nurse at Dr. Wonderful’s office that my echocardiogram results were in.  I get an echocardiogram every three months to make sure that my heart function is stable.  The result: normal!  Woot!  This means we keep doing what we’ve been doing, and that I get to continue my Herceptin (biological breast cancer drug) regimen.  It is great news to know that my heart is tolerating my current treatment: I hope to be on this treatment for a loooong time!

We set off late morning for a Big Kid End of Summer Adventure.  A friend and I outsourced the childcare of our Littles and took our Bigs canoeing for the day.  It was a spectacular day.  I was awash with memories of my own childhood memories of freshwater fun.  I still remember my dad teaching me how to paddle a canoe without going in circles, and I channeled my mom as I pointed out flora and fauna with enthusiasm.  Maren and I got to talk about the Best Of’s Summer 2013, and the anticipation of what is coming up.  I tell you, this was perfection on this August day:  (see photo)



We are making the most of this day!  I love my family.  Blessings to you and yours…


  1. Jeanne /

    I agree. What a great for the both of you!

  2. Alicia White /

    We love your family too 🙂

  3. Peggy /

    Your incredible day made my day!

  4. Roslyn /

    You capture the joy in life and help me remember those special days.

  5. It does sound like a spectacular day…really great news and a wonderful time on the water!!

  6. Kim Rourke /

    You melt my teacher heart as I read about the wonderfully enriching times you share with your family!! These are the “extras” that build strong students with lots of prior knowledge to bring to their learning. I can already hear Maren sharing her big girl adventure, see the picture she will draw, and in my mind read the words to her story including the wonderful birds she saw along the way. So glad summer 2013 has been one filled with joyful memories!

  7. Annie /

    I remember when Amy and Julie were young, they would be very excited when their father came home from work or a trip. George would walk in and say “Where’s my Dollie babies?” They would scatter and hide and he would look for them. “Are they under the couch cushion?” “In the cupboard?” “I wonder where my girls could be, my little girls named Amy and Julie?” Once when George was gone for two weeks in Singapore, he called home and 22 month old, Amy said “Papa, you come home Singpor, we be snuggle bugs?” Well, he arrived late in the nite and Amy woke up and needed a diaper change. I told George to please wait to say anything until AFTER I changed her diaper. As soon as Amy heard his voice, she screamed, did a back flip off the changing table, raced to his bed, and promptly fell asleep snuggled safely in her father’s arms! Jen thanks for sharing your life with us and congratulations on the good news of your echo. Happy Belated Birthday and may you have many more of both! Love and Hugs!