What a difference a year makes…

Aug 08

August 8, 2012

-My last day of chemo.  It is bittersweet.  It means surgery is around the corner, which is a good thing, because although chemo shrunk the tumor significantly, it is still there.  I can’t wait to have it gone.  I’m praying fervently for clean margins in surgery, and a clean PET scan.

-I found out at my weekly pre-chemo appointment with Dr. Wonderful that I have heart damage from my first chemo drug.  Again I am a medical minority, as this happens to 30% of the patients who receive this drug.  I need a cardiologist and a drug regimen to manage my newly diagnosed heart condition (cardiomyopathy).  I make an appointment with Dr. Goober, a cardiologist who can’t/won’t get me in until after my vacation.

-Due to above heart damage, Dr. Wonderful stops Herceptin (biological breast cancer drug for HER2+ patients, but can cause additional heart damage) until a cardiologist signs off.  I am anxious that one of my cancer-fighters has been taken out of the game.

-Dr. Wonderful schedules my post-chemo scans around my upcoming vacation.  I am super excited about a vacation with my gorgeous family.  Let the memory-making commence!  No more chemo haze!


What a difference a year makes…

August 8, 2013

-The girls and I go to a trampoline jumpy place with the Fun family.  We all jump on trampolines for an hour and laugh and play.  I did a flip into the foam pit.  So did Mrs. Fun.  Our kids were amazed and bamboozled by their rockstar moms.  (Okay, they weren’t actually that impressed.  But Mrs. Fun and I agree that we are supermoms for the day!)

-I made lunch and the girls played/napped in the afternoon.

-Since Brad is out-of-town, we went out for ice cream after dinner at our favorite local spot.  Ice cream is good medicine for missing Daddy!  We spent an hour running and playing in the adjacent field: we twirled, we climbed trees, we frolicked.  Maren finally managed a legitimate cartwheel after two years of off-and-on practice.  Greta charged around the field trying to keep up with Maren and doing somersaults with panache.

-They took a “play bath” together in the big bath tub in our room.  They brought dolls and toys in with them, and they giggled while they bathed.  They are deeply bonded sisters at this stage: each looks for the other throughout the day, they have secrets, they have special games they play together.  Greta and I are going to miss Maren immensely when school starts.

-I read Greta her a story and sang her songs.  She loves her crib and I am flabbergasted that she is such a great sleeper, and has been her whole life.  Her easy and peaceful nighttime routine is always one of my favorite moments of the day.

-Maren and I read two chapters out of her book.  We talked about upcoming first grade, her cartwheel ability, her Fun friends, and her desire to have chores (and thereby spending money).  I love the quiet moments where she shares her heart.


From August 8, 2012, to August 8, 2013, I got all the wishes I dared to hope for.  I am cancer free, I am completely in love with my studmuffin husband, and I have the privilege of raising the two most magnificent little girls.  I pray God blesses me with another year of NED (no evidence of disease), and I thank Him for the blessings of this and every day.


  1. Alicia White /

    It is so fun to read about your day today! This blog will be such a blessing for your girls as they grow older. Wouldn’t you just love to go back and read about a day from your own childhood? It was so great to spend time with you last month, and we’re looking forward to doing it again (in Ohio this time)!

  2. Banita Bailey /

    Keep moving forward and enjoying those beautiful moments!

  3. Heidi /

    Amen. Amen. Life is good.

  4. Marsha Vonderwish /


    I am SO happy for you! As you know each day is a gift, we ‘C’ sisters do NOT take that gift for granted. Even after 10 yrs. I am so amazed I’m still here. (I’m a 3 x survivor!)

    I have reached a point in my life where I am thankful for the cancer, yes I said thankful. I realize what a gift life really is and each day is sweeter.

    I leave you with my motto- I know God will not take me one day before He is ready and I will fight to live each day He gives me.

    Blessings to you and your sweet family.
    Marsha V.