She’s six

Apr 30

She’s six

She’s six, and she’s awesome.

I love having a six-year-old, even whilst I can’t believe she’s six.  Most moms I know want time to stop so that they might keep their babies little.  Most of the time, that sentiment resonates long and deep and true within me, too.  However, last year at her birthday, I remember hoping that she would pummel through her birthdays with breakneck speed so that I might see them all.  It’s a sharp contrast: last year, this year.  Last year, I was bald at her party.  This year, I think, “I had cancer last year.”   Never do I take for granted the past tense of that statement; never do I utter it without a silent or stated prayer, Thank you God for allowing me to be cancer free.  I am incredibly grateful to be in-the-moments with my daughters; being cancer free allows me to assuage my worries and be present.  I sweep the hair across her face, look into her eyes, and marvel with awe at who she is.  I am so blessed to be her Mama.

We had a little party at home where she got to invite six of her little friends.  She’s been planning it for roughly eleven-and-a-half months.  I kid you not, I remember as she sat down often in the summer/fall/winter and wrote the names of all of her invitees and began drawing pictures of what they would do at her six-year-old-birfday party.  It saddens me that the “birfday” is now “birthday”.  She lost her last babyish lisp as a five-year-old.  After much deliberation, she chose the activities we would have at her party: we had face painting (by moi–and I only know how to paint one thing, so don’t be too impressed), dancing, coloring, limbo, and bubbles.

She’s got a great future in party-planning; her party was a huge hit.  My favorite part was watching them whirl and twirl around the backyard with their butterfly faces as the bubbles swirled around them.  It was little girls doing what little girls do best.  Isn’t the life of a six-year-old grand?  Cheers to my beautiful girl.  I love you to the moon and back sweet Maren.IMG_3325

(picture: Maren, 6 years old)


  1. Kim Rourke /

    Trivial comment here! I AM impressed with the butterfly face paint! Of course the face beneath is pretty amazing too! Joyful day!

  2. Kelly /


  3. ” Simple ” Pleasures = HUGE BLESSINGS 🙂 Watching a child grow into a Beautiful Butterfly !!!!!!!!!!!! Maren, YOU are a BEAUTIFUL 6 !!! 🙂

  4. Michelle Wolfe Clapsaddle /

    She looks so much like the “M” trio plus mom!!! Love the butterfly. Interesting that’s what you could paint since it represents “new life” after time within a cocoon. Seems fitting since last year you were healing your body…

  5. Latoya /


  6. Peggy /

    I agree with Michelle ~ looking at Maren’s sweet face transports me back in time; if I saw her alone at Disney, I would still see the family resemblance! How fantastic that Maren planned her own party and that it was in your backyard doing all the simple things “little girls love doing best”, rather than in a party room at some fast food restaurant. Jen, you are embracing every second of your daughters’ much-too-short childhood. The fact that you’re taking time to record it all in a blog and pictures is all that more special.

  7. Aunt Annie /

    BEAUTIFUL butterfly girl! Looking forward to seeing you in June to celebrate LIFE and some very special girls’ b-days! Aunt Annie

  8. My Maren turns 6 next month…bittersweet. I love the butterfly!

  9. Sweet, sweet, sweet…and I love the butterfly painting, too!! Being a mom just gets better and better, doesn’t it?!

  10. Stacy Vanstone /

    Maren looks wise way beyond her 6 years – makes one wonder how much of the import of the past year she has absorbed/understood and to how deep a level. Enjoy year 7 – it’s one of the best 🙂