Feeling like spring

Apr 05

This morning I woke up before my alarm.  This seems rather momentus in my little world, as it hasn’t happened for three weeks.  I’ve had the flu, followed by sinus infection, followed by ear infection, cold, congestion, etc.  The girls have been sick too, and we’ve all been on antibiotics.  It’s been a long three weeks.  Aside from the 48-hour window with the flu, I haven’t been sick enough to stop carrying on with normal activities.  I’m still Momming everyday, and doing my jobs, but I’ve been operating in a world where only the essentials get done.  My list: thank-you notes, emails, blogging, cleaning, calls to friends, and general Things To Do has now grown to two pages long.  This morning, I am grateful that I have perhaps turned the corner, and that I will be able to get out of operating in just-the-essentials mode.

It’s the first time I’ve been sick in over a year… and I know this because I never (not once) got so much as a cold while I was an active cancer patient.  Miraculously, I had all those weeks of a suppressed immune system, and two small children, and no sickness in 2012.  It is so. much. better. that I got hit with this bout this year: the casualty is my To Do List. Last year, I would have been hospitalized and treatment delayed… I’ve seen it happen to many patients!

It’s a good feeling to wake up on my own terms.  I had ten whole minutes of alone time this morning before Maren came in for snuggles.  She’s curled up next to me watching cartoons as I type.  Greta is still sleeping, and Brad is getting ready for work.  Today we are taking advantage of Maren’s spring break and having a fun-filled day.  My List will have to wait yet another day while I spend time with the people I love.  I will Do Today Well, and take it one step at a time.  There are many “names” on my list: people to call, cards to write, emails to return.  Now that I’m finally feeling better, I hope to get caught up soon!!!

Happy Friday to all!


  1. What a Great Friday it is Jen ~ Filled with Sunshine & Good Wishes !!!!! Glad you are feeling better & those 10 mins alone time was priceless & Gives way to a Great Start of a Beautiful Day Filled with Your Loving Family 🙂

  2. Peggy /

    A healthy Jen is all that matters to your friends…no calls, no emails…just a healthy you. Tend to your family. They are the people that need you most. Glad you’re feeling better 🙂

  3. Oh, a day for the girls! Enjoy it!

  4. Pat Powell /

    I am so pleased to receive this letter, Jen dear and see how you relish the high’s and accept the lows – I congratulate you and understand how very much you have been through and have accepted it I hope you have had a good “feeling like spring day” Love Ma xx