I carry her in my heart

Jan 02

Tonight I watched as Maren sat on the kitchen island counter.  She swung her legs a little, and she chatted with Brad while he chopped and prepped veggies for dinner.  I noticed that her size six pajamas are creeping up her ankles and wrists.  Eventually she pulled out her read-at-home school books and read to him as he worked.  She asked him for help when she (rarely) needed it, and he leaned in to give her guidance on context and meaning.  Their banter is easy and relaxed at the end of a busy school/work day.

Twenty minutes later, we were saying goodnight.  I finished reading to her and we prayed together.  As I left her, she said, “Mommy, will you snuggle me for a while?”

“No Maren, you need to go to sleep.  Snuggles make you wiggle, and when you wiggle, you don’t sleep.  We can snuggle when you wake up in the morning.”

“Okay,” she says easily, since we have some version of this conversation every night.  I turn to leave her room.  “Wait!  Mom, can you bring me that softy, red-ish, pink-ish shirt of yours so I can snuggle it all night?”

I smile.  I love that she wants to hold me so close.  I carry her in my heart, and I think she carries me in hers too.  I am so lucky to be her mom!


  1. Annie /

    I enjoy hearing these stories! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sharon Hajek /

    A daughter as insightful, loving, and sensitive as her insightful, loving, and sensitive mom….enjoy the mutual glow!

  3. Bonnie J /

    All I can say is Melt My Heart. ..What a wonderful way to start the day !! Somehow I believe this is how the Lord feels about US and how we should relate to HIM. Although He isn’t physically here we can still carry His presence with us. .. Maren is blessed to have you too! !

  4. Terri Kaufman /

    This makes me wish I’d logged more moments like this in writing when they happened. How special it will be to share these w/the girls when they are much older.

    Somewhere in my house is a cassette tape of Ren reading that same book she mentioned yesterday, Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Beginning when she was only 2 years old, I made her read it to me once a year until she was 10yrs old & I recorded it on that same tape. I’ve been thinking for years that I need to have it converted to a more modern form of recording for safe keeping. I’m going to go home & look for it tonight. I’d be devastated if anything happened to it.


  5. My son is 20 and a long ways away at college. He took my old sweatshirt with him to snuggle on those days it’s just so hard being away from home and he left me his old sweatshirt for those days it’ hard. Enjoy your wee ones, they really grow up fast.

  6. Warm, snuggly, and wrapped in love… that is how this peek into your home feels to me. ♥

  7. WOW Jen What a Vision 🙂 What a BLESSING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. Lindsay /

    Wow..absolutely love this, Jen….