Prayers of thanksgiving

Nov 18

Thanksgiving week.  It’s a great holiday season.  And it is a season–all on it’s own.

I love the deep inhalation of gratitude and rest that comes at the end of November.  When I was in school, I needed Thanksgiving break.  (I needed it when I was in school as a student, and possibly even more when I was in school as a high school teacher–haha!)

This year I’m breathing in my NED cancer-free status.  It is still sinking in.  I am so thankful that I am ready to enjoy this Thanksgiving, that I am getting stronger and healthier by the day.  Aside from my NED maintenance appointments, I am back to my full-time mom job.  I love it.  M, G, and I are all adjusting.  Maren is testing me, and Greta wants to be held all.the.time.  But I love these little people and these little problems.  Life is good.

Brad and I have been on two dates in November.  I think we’d been on two dates in all of 2012 until this month.  He loves me, I love him.  Romantic schmoopiness is not my style, but he is my knight and I’m the princess.  Fairy tales are real.  Who knew?

I often pray prayers of thanksgiving.  I pray a lot as I go about my day.  Every time I remember, I pray that my cancer stays away.  Sometimes I pray it six hundred times a day, and sometimes I pray it only twice: first thing when I wake up, and last thing when I go to sleep.  I pray for lots of other things, too, but my day starts and ends with some version of Lord, thank you for this day.  Please banish all of the ugly from my body, fill my heart with love, my head with peace.  In Jesus’ name.


  1. Amen! : )

  2. Patty Wheeler /

    Jen…I don’t think I have ever written on your blog although I read it every time an update appears in my email. I am in awe of your strength, your grace, your intelligence, your selflessness, your inner and out beauty… I could go on and on but I think you get the point. :). You, your husband, your children, your mom, your dad, your sisters…are truly amazing people. I also am praying in Thanksgiving for your health and your mom’s health with my family. I wish you the best holiday season ever…you deserve it!

  3. Amen and amen!! I pray the same way throughout the day. Praying your week of Thanksgiving is full of all the little things that bring smiles and heartfelt memories. So thankful for you, Brad, Maren and Greta!!

  4. Thankful with a Grateful Heart ~ Happy Thanksgiving to You & Yours 🙂

  5. May God Bless You, Heal You And Keep You, Today…and Forever. Happy Holidays!!!…Love, Genora

  6. Christin /

    I’m kinda jealous of how you get to openly share about your beautiful relationship with Brad. So often I’d feel like bragging if I said something about how great Zak and I are together. I guess that’s part of your whole message though… why hold back when we have today?