Nov 16


My girls are four years and two weeks apart.

When I was pregnant with Greta, I wondered what kind of a relationship they would have with each other during their childhood years.  There is so much that plays into it: age, personality, birth order.

I have two little sisters; I love my sisters.  When we were little, I was the dictator; treating Chief Sister with my bossy (and mean) attitude is one of my greatest lifetime regrets.  Now, however, we are a trio of friends; Chief Sister forgave me.  We let Baby Sister catch up.  And now we can rely and count on each other always–no matter what.

I pretty much let my kids wake up and do their own thing in the morning.  Maren regularly churns out ten new pieces of art before eight in the morning.  She makes her bed (messily), gets dressed (mis-matched), and does her own hair (haphazardly).  (She is five, after all.)

I let Greta babble in her crib for as long as possible.  I only go get her when she starts calling “Momm-ME, Momm-ME!”  or “Paci, blankie, paci, blankie, paciblankiepaciblankie” when she heaves her stuff over the crib rail.  Some may call this neglect, but I like to think of it as independent playtime.  She sings songs, reads books, and plays with her baby dolls.  Listening to her play is blissful.

I walked into Greta’s room because there was so much giggling.  This is what I found:

They were both so thrilled with themselves, and I have not heard giggling like this from these two.  You can tell from their expressions just how giddy they were.

I was so thrilled that they were in cahoots together and were having so much fun.

So many days, so many times a day, Maren is rough with Greta and Greta is competing with Maren.  It seems like the majority of their eye contact is made when I make them apologize to each other.

To find them creating their own fun out of love for each other was magical.

I love the way they are looking at each other and grinning; they were ecstatic.  I love that it’s a phone-picture because I didn’t run downstairs to get the real camera because it was in-the-moment and my finger is in the corner.  I love this photo because I will always remember the uncomplicated affection they have for each other.  This week they giggled in the bathtub for forty-five minutes until their lips were blue.  They played on the keyboard together for thirty minutes until I hauled Greta (kicking and screaming) off for nap time.

These memory making moments have made the spirited fights and the many apologies of the week seem manageable, and worth the effort.  They are growing and evolving their sisterly bond.  I love these milestones.  They love each other more.  There is always more.


This week I’ve caught them in cahoots, conspiring to their own fun–apart from me.  And I love it.



  1. Love, love, love this!! We have twin girls who just turned two, and I intentionally leave them in their room after nap for at LEAST 30 minutes many times 45+. They have the best time throwing things to each other between beds and pulling fun things out of their closets, and finding ways to climb into each others beds. I think times like these are when sisters become friends, and they’re welcome to have as many as they want! Plus it gets me 30 extra minutes to get some coffee after cleaning!

  2. What Fun Jen 🙂 My brother & I are 9.5 years apart ~ We are friends; however, we never shared moments like this ~ Again, What Fun 🙂

  3. Absolutely love this! So glad you captured it and shared!

  4. Sharon House /

    This is one of those pictures that should be put into a frame and placed where you will see it daily. It will make you smile everytime you look at it as well as the girls. What a precious shot.

  5. What a great pic! I love the mischievous grin on Greta’s face and Maren standing proudly In Greta’s crib… Maren, I love those camo pj pants! Carli and Erica are just over 4 1/2 years apart and I always wondered if they would share the same “sister” bond that my twin, Linda and I have. They do and as is evident by your picture, Maren and Greta do as well. Sisters are sisters, no matter the age difference. Dale and I are looking forward to seeing you, Brad, and your precious girls at Thanksgiving. Hugs, Lauri and Dale

  6. I think I’m looking back in time, say about 30 years ago at another little strawberry blonde “in cahoots” with her little sister! Memories are wonderful!

  7. suenitz /

    Thank you for bringing a smile to my face!! Look at those dimples! I think they get bigger everyday! Love to you.

  8. Love it! A quick glance and all I saw was Brad in that little Greta face.