Bunny face

Oct 05

In these last moments of precious nap time, I am crossing off my to-do list.  One item on the list is “Get Greta’s bunny face on film.”

Greta, like many seventeen-month-olds, does animal sounds.  She has an impressive array and it is one of our best distraction techniques when we need her to cooperate.  She’ll chirp along and tell us the right sounds for cow, kitty, doggie, monkey, duck, etc.  My favorite animal, however, is the bunny.

I know.  You’ve probably scrunched up your nose because you can’t think of what a bunny says.

It’s because bunnies don’t make noises, they just wiggle their noses.

So, we’ve been asking Greta, “What does a bunny say?”

And then we’ve been scrunching and wiggling our noses at her.

And last week, she started doing it back.

Let me tell you my friends, there is nothing cuter than a seventeen-month-old squinching her face around trying to imitate a bunny.

It is awesome.  Wish me luck as I go try to catch this feat on film so that we can embarass her as a teen, play it at her wedding, and show it to her children one day.


  1. MommaJ /

    Wishing you great fortune as you try to capture your little bunny!! I have a particular affinity to bunnies considering it was a nickname of mine for years…hence all of the bunnies you might see around my House. You sound thrilled Jen…I, too, love these little precious recordable moments!! Have fun!!

  2. Ahhh, precious days with the little lovies. Great, good luck!!

  3. Priceless Memories 🙂

  4. Lynda M O /

    the best age of all is one year and its accompanying recordable moments like these.