Sep 19

I was diagnosed six months ago today.  It is both a blink and an eternity.

I’m still in the cancer journey.  As expected, the journey did not end with my surgery: there is still much to do.  Receiving my NED (no evidence of disease) is awesome.  All of the treatment I am undergoing currently aims to maintain that status, well, forever.

I have eight doctors’ appointments this week.  Eight.

So far, I have six scheduled for next week.

The number of speciality “–ologists” I see is getting comical.  Seriously, I didn’t even know there were this many areas of doctor-hood, let alone that they could all possibly be interested in me.  But they are, and I am grateful.  This period of time is all about taking every action possible to mitigate the chances of cancer recurrence.  Everyone wants to weigh in, to offer their contribution to maintain NED’s presence.  I wish to leave no stone unturned, I wish to give my body every advantage, I wish to have no regrets.

So, bring on the appointments.  Bring on the ridiculously large team of doctors.  Bring on the prayers of NED forever.

Between healing and appointments, I am booked.  Supergramma is exceedingly amazing and appears to be running my household better than I normally run it.  (Seriously!)  I flash in and out to spend time with Maren.  Greta and I see each other in small doses.  (I am still very sore post-Greta visits.  She does not yet understand “gentle.”)  Brad is burning the candle at both ends with a hectic and stressful work week, and pulling extra parenting duties when he can.  I am busy, but it is a good busy: I am doing important work.  I miss my normal-life-routine, but I have to do this risk management before I can resume normal daily operations.  As I tend to do, I’m embracing it, and appreciating it for what it is: hope.

At the end of most days, I ask myself: did I Do Today Well?

While I’m certainly not perfect, I sleep well at night knowing that I’m doing the best I can.  I’m not in control of most things about my life.  At the very least, I like to think that I made a positive impact on the people I saw today.  These days, these bizarre days, I spend more time with medical professionals than I do my children.  They smiled, they laughed, the felt appreciated and valuable.  We all need to feel like that.  It’s kind of like getting a gift for no reason: cancerversary or not.


  1. NED is so wonderful! and worth all of these appointments and duties.
    Your hope and faith give me strength in my own hope and faith. You are a blessing!

    A friend at church had his MRI today, post-radiation and chemo, but the news was not good: no NED here. Please pray for Tim, that the surgeon will be able to remove all of the brain tumor this time, as he goes back in for a second surgery.
    I will be sharing with his wife & daughter about your motto of Doing Today Well.

  2. NED is your new BFF and what a friend to have! I’m with you on this thought ~ do whatever it takes; even if it means visiting every “ologist” in the tri-state area until your mini “Cancerversaries” turn into one total “CUREversary”. We’ll all be waiting to celebrate that happy day with you. Until then we’ll continue sending prayers and positive energy so you can keep doing each day well. ♥

  3. Happy NED day!! Have had you on my heart a lot the past few days – doctor visits galore I presume. Think I’ll be adding traveling mercies to your prayer list my dear 😉 each day is such a gift and starting each day as a “birthday” is maybe what we should all do. Oh so many gifts hidden in the span of a day…love you Jen.
    Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness. And all these things will be added
    unto you, alleluia!!!!

  4. You certainly have accomplished much in the past 6 months! My hat is off to you Jen. Love you.

  5. Hope you, too, are feeling appreciated and valued as you share your journey with us with such openness and faith. Sending a hug…

  6. What’s beautiful to me is how if you can’t be with the ones you love most that you give love and appreciation to the ones you’re with. I’m sure those medical professionals appreciate and feel it!

  7. You are an amazing woman. I am continually inspired by your optimism.

  8. yay for Ned! May NED be your forever friend!
    Your husband is a prince of a guy, a true hearted man of God.
    Thank you for sharing with us tonight. What a blessing!

  9. Christin /

    WOOO HOOO!!! It’s all so wonderful!! Gosh, I’m unbelievably and continually impressed with you and GOD!