Sep 03

I must say, I definitely chose the right place to rest up and heal.  My parents are doting on me: I get meals on trays, pleasant conversation, and whatever I need, whenever I need it.  I even feel (a teeny little bit) guilty for indulging in their care, but I also know that they are delighted to have me “home” for a time, even under these circumstances.  I feel confident it is a win-win situation, and, yes, I have the best parents in the world.

It feels luxurious to do only what I want to do and feel like doing.  Especially because I don’t feel like doing much at all.  For now, the clock and the calendar do not matter, nor does anyone else’s schedule.  It hurts whenever I move, so I try not to move.  I’m tired, so I sleep.  I’m reading (whole books!), I’m watching Downton Abbey, I’m organizing our family photos on my wheezing computer.

I miss my girls and my husband, of course.  They have all been coming to visit.  Everyone except Maren stays in the main living area for most of the time.  Maren comes and spends several hours, nearly the whole visit, with me.  I get to give her all of my attention: I time my naps and pain medication so I am “on” when she is here.  We have our meals on trays and our chatter is remarkably normal.  It is sweet to spend focused time with her; there are no distractions.  We read to each other, we color, we (gently) snuggle.  Today I moved to the floor (a big change) and we played Little People.  Brad and I talk on the phone and on the bookends of the visits; I have yet to see Greta (as was the plan: out of sight, out of mind).  My family is thriving without me, while missing me at the same time.  I am loved.  I am grateful that everyone has adapted to our odd new habits.

Thanks for checking in.  My brain is fuzzy from the medicine, so writing isn’t as easy as it normally is.  Please keep praying for us:

-For the dynamic of Brad, SuperGramma, Maren and Greta at home.

-For my healing.  For my heart: that it would be strong.  For my pathology report: the pathologists are analyzing the tissue they removed during surgery, and will tell me this week what they find.

-For my mom: she has chemo again this week, and her hair is starting to fall out.  On the bright side, she is sporting a really cute pixie cut.


Thank you for checking in!  I feel loved and blessed.


  1. Shannon Kahrs /

    Love you Jen! Rest. Heal. Receive.

  2. Luanne Plumer /

    Hi Jen
    It had been great to hear such good news about your health and progress these last few days. We continue to pray for you and all the wonderful people that are taking such wonderful care of you. The light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel.
    Take care and we are sending our love and support.
    Joe, Luanne and Joslyn

  3. We love having family around – the house become a home because of all the love that surrounds all of us, from within and and outside the family. Clare had several weeks living in the basement and look how she is blooming now – she is good mojo. You follow in Clare’s footsteps! xoxoxo

  4. Ann Yelle /

    Positive thoughts and many prayers are being sent your way from Wisconsin. I love your blog. You are one strong woman and that most definately in itself is healing medication. Hang tight…. Ann Yelle

  5. Jen ~ Being spoiled in this case = healing ( mentally & physically ) YEAH !!!!!!! Continued Prayers & Peace w/a Speedy Recovery 🙂 Prayers to your Mom w/the cute pixie on her Chemo treatment 🙂 Hugs 🙂

  6. Shelley Carter /

    Praying for you, Brad, the girls, and your mom. May God bless this time of healing.

  7. Jen, I’m so glad you posted. I was getting nervous that something had happened (I’m an ICU nurse and tend to think worst) and then decided to just pray for you and trust that Almighty God has His hands all around your healing process. Thank you for the update

  8. Sharon Hajek /

    Your posts radiate such profound, authentic love. Each one a new blessing to read. Love is your core. As you dwell at your “home,” just enjoy major spoilage and unconditional love. Something you give as surely as it is given to you. Meanwhile we on the cheering squad will delight in witnessing it and never cease praying for you.

  9. Bonniebj /

    So wonderful to hear that you’re getting so much rest, special time with Maren, chats with Brad and continued healing. The Lord is serving you through your parents!! As I look across my room I see the verse, ” Be still and know that I am God ” Psalm 46:10 How simple how perfect!! Have a wonderful day Jen!! Still praying every day and for your moms’ chemo this week-her new do sounds really great..

  10. So glad to hear from you…and to hear your “new odd habits” 🙂 are loving you well! Sending love and praying…

  11. So glad you are doing well!

  12. So happy to hear that you are healing and being so tenderly cared for. Prayers continue for you, and that your pathology reports come back good. One day at a time, warrior momma. 🙂

  13. Ok will pray for those things.

  14. Healing prayers for you and your mom. ♥
    Also keeping the rest of the family in prayer.

  15. Linda (aka. T) /

    Thinking of you and praying for you and the special people in your life.