“Your PET scan looks…”

Aug 23

“…good,”  These were Dr. Wonderful’s first words as he sat with Brad and I today in the consult room.

It may not sound like high praise, but Dr. Wonderful doesn’t throw around positive adjectives unless he means them.  “Good” from Dr. Wonderful is worthy of a fist pump and a high five.  The treatment has been effective against my cancer.  Brad remembers that Dr. Wonderful used the word eradicate as he was giving us the details; very close to obliterate.  Woo hoo!

As a reminder, PET scan #1 (back in March) showed suspicious activity in the breast, left auxillary lymph node(s), mammary lymph nodes, liver, and spine.

Monday’s PET scan (#2) detected nothing in the lymph nodes, the breast, or spine.  There is a very, very small amount of activity in the liver.

These results are good, and they also prescribe the next steps.  I’m finding that one thing always leads to another: there is no end to the information that has yet to be gathered.

Over the next month:

-I’ll meet with a cardiologist to evaluate my heart function, and, hopefully, do whatever it takes so that I can resume taking Herceptin (the biological drug–not a chemo drug) that allows my immune system to identify and fight the cancer.  This is a critical step; Herceptin is a real-life miracle drug in my treatment plan.

-I’ll have a spinal MRI to confirm there is nothing there.

-I’ll have a liver MRI to get a better look at the activity there.  There are two possibilities for the liver activity: it is something benign (abnormal, but not worrisome), or it is metastasized cancer.  As of now we simply don’t know.  Over the next month, Dr. Wonderful will run tests and gather information and consult with other medical experts.  He will likely schedule a consult with a liver expert.    I (We) will be still and pray.

-I’ll have surgery one week from today to remove the breast.  We are optimistic about surgery and are hoping/praying for clear margins all the way.

-In three weeks we will get the surgical pathology reports from the breast and the lymph node(s).  The post-surgicial pathology reports will give Dr. Wonderful more information about my cancer and how to move forward.


As you can see, there are a lot of juggling balls in the air.  Each one is unique and important in the overall picture.  I’m holding tight to the “good” that Dr. Wonderful described.  Next week’s surgery will not be the end of the journey; it is one more item on the list.

Chemotherapy.  Check.

Herceptin infusion.  Suspended; resuming ASAP.

Breast surgery.  8/30.

Hormone Therapy, Radiation, Liver analysis, Heart analysis, Spine analysis.  Yet to come.

Today I asked him specifically, “Can I still be cancer free?”

He said, “Yes.”

I smiled.  The journey is “good”.  I celebrate “good” today.


  1. Excellent news! The whole world’s day has been done well! Hugs!

  2. Laura C /

    Great news!!! this made my day!! praying praying praying for you!

  3. Uncle George /

    Yippeeeeeee! This made my day and I’m sure yours as well!

  4. Rejoice! Your daily cocktail of faith, love, and amazing medicine has proven to be healing on every level. Congratulations to you… and to those of us who love your dearly.

  5. I have been praying for “good” results – I am so
    Happy with your latest news- but I will not stop
    Praying for a full clean bill of health 😉
    I live in northern CA. I have been following
    Your posts since Glennon Melton- mentioned
    Your journey on her website- monastery.
    Father Franz Stock (google him) is responsible for curing a Young dad of Stage 4 cancer. This is the person I am praying to for you 🙂

  6. Rebecca /

    Wonderful! I’ll continue to send blessings your way. Praying for more “wonderful” news to come from your doctor!

  7. suenitz /

    I am smiling real big right now and praising God for His goodness! I am with you all the way praying and sending you love.

  8. Peggy /

    H.A.L.L.E.L.U.J.A.H! Your wonderful news brought a huge smile to my face. That “cancer-to-do” list is just going to continue to get shorter. Until it is, we’ll all be sending blessings and positive thoughts your way so you can “Do Today Well” 🙂

  9. Julie /

    Praise the Lord! Celebrating with you from afar 🙂

  10. kathleen /

    Yea!!! We also celebrate the good news!!


  12. I’m doing the HAPPY, HAPPY DANCE in Avon!!! Keep on fighting the fight! Love you. Hugs, Lauri

  13. Annie /

    WHOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!! I got tears in my eyes! I was coming home from work and Uncle George let me know the “GOOD” news! Tanja (our German exchange student from 2004-2005) is coming tonite with her boyfriend, so we’ll raise a glass and toast you. Lots to celebrate and be thankful for! Love, aunt Annie

  14. WONDERFUL news from Dr Wonderful! Celebrating the Joy with you!

  15. Sharon Hajek /

    Wonderful news from Dr. Wonderful for WONDERFUL you. Dwelling in joy, celebrating the joy, trusting in faith. BELIEVING.

  16. Jen ~ I just took a Breath & then said Breathe !!!!! This is Wonderful News ~ A Joyful Day For Sure !!!!! What a way to start the rest of your Journey ~ 1 more step towards better health !!! Continued Prayers & Peace ~ GOD is Good 🙂

  17. Denise O'Mara /

    You rock!!!!!!!!!!! This is great news. Our prayers love and drugs are all doing their stuff. Go work your plan and be cured.

  18. Donna /

    God is good…all the time. I give him praise for your good report.

  19. Angela /

    All very good news. Praying over the spine and liver scans!! Praying over the surgery! Yay, Dr Wonderful, yay Brad, yay Jen, and Yay GOD!!! Here’s to Cancer FREE!! Hugs from MIchigan!

  20. Found your blog through Momestery. Your spirit is amazing. Sending you positive thoughts for your cancer free day to come soonest.

  21. Bonniebj /

    Alleluia, thank you Lord!!!! For such wonderful news!! Were so thrilled for you, Brad, Maren and Greta, your Mom, your dad and the whole clan. your News couldn’t be better……and the prayers continue for CLEAN MRI’s all around and a strong heart!!! 🙂 today is a great day

  22. Such awesome news! I will keep praying for more “good” for you! xoxoxo

  23. Such GOOD news!!!