Aug 03

I cried in the Apple Store today.  (Just eyes welling up, not the ugly cry or anything.)  The Genius evaluated my computer-won’t-charge-very-well situation, and suggested two-hundred dollars for a new charger and a new battery for my five-years-old MacBook.  So I cried because the “Genius” solution to my problem was expensive, and I wasn’t expecting it to be expensive.  Investing that much money in an “old” computer doesn’t seem wise, so I will just continue to wiggle the cord and pray when I use it.  Surely God can heal cancer and keep my computer functional at the same time, right?  Mostly, it was cancer stress that got emoted in the direction of  the Genius at the Apple Store.  Whoops, sorry dude.

Here’s what I found ironic about today:

Before I went to the Apple Store, I went to the hospital to have a meeting with my mom, my dad, and a genetics counselor from the cancer center.  The goal is to find out whether my cancer and my mom’s cancer has a genetic cause.  We sat down and we gave a comprehensive family history of all known cancer in our family tree.  We went back four generations on some limbs of the tree.  Counselor wrote it all down and listened, and asked questions.  She decided that I am “patient zero” in our family.  I’m the most interesting one.  I’m the one who developed pre-menopausal breast cancer (very, very, premenopausal, I should add).  Pre-menopausal breast cancer is generally a major indicator that there is a genetic link or a hereditary component to the cancer.  Therefore, I’ll be the one tested first, and we’ll take it from there.  She recommended some “in depth” genetic testing that is newly recommended for special people like me.  Special, in depth, genetic tests are things that insurance doesn’t always pay for, and it’s a seven-hundred dollar test.  I had no problem with this.  If she had asked, I would have put it on my credit card on the spot and figured out how to pay for it later.  (And, FYI, that is so not how I normally roll: I follow a tight budget.)  This test and seven-hundred dollars seems cheap for the knowledge it provides: information for my sisters and my daughters about their breast cancer risk.  Priceless, people.  Priceless.

I find it ironic that I was very happy to pay seven-hundred dollars for one thing.  For my sisters and my daughters: I know my parents and I would come up with whatever we needed.  But an unexpected two-hundred dollars two hours later was something that got the better of me.

Are you ready for the BOOM?

I felt like God took care of my issues today, in a BOOM kinda way.

If my insurance doesn’t pay for my genetic testing, there is grant money available at the cancer center.  Counselor told me that if I get a bill, I should call her and she’ll take care of it.  Isn’t that awesome?  The special, in depth, genetic testing is free.

Genius at the Apple Store waved his magic wand and gave me a new charger today.  (For free.)  I’m kind of afraid to post that because I’m pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to do that.  But he did it anyway.  AND Baby Sister told me that she left an extra charger in one of the drawers in our guest room.  So now, I still have no battery, but I do have two working chargers.  And, my computer works.


Love knowing that God has the big picture and the little details too.  Love it.  Boom on, people.  Boom on.


  1. Amanda /

    I did both and came up negative. I am patient zero as 0 family history before me. I came up negative for both. Yay for my family boo for why did I develop it in the first pace. Should you come up negative for bith they are working on another study. Test positive and testing for you family is free.

    EImail me for more info. You have to qualify.

  2. jen geverdt /

    That is so awesome. God cares about the big things and the little things–once when I was in the middle of chemo, I was really craving cantaloupe, and chicken salad. That evening, the person who was bringing us dinner brought us, among other things, cantaloupe–and chicken salad that was a last minute, stop-by-the-deli thing on her way to deliver our meal. : )

  3. Anonymous /

    You are just totally awesome, amazing and freakin fantastic. Just had to say it.

  4. Rebecca /

    Sounds like a God thing to me! Don’t ya just love it?

    Since I am coming out of my “blog-stalker” mode, I will give you some background info on me.

    Cervical cancer at age 32, 3 daughters to raise, 13, 7 & 8. I endured surgery, 7 weeks of radiation therapy, 5 years of getting over the brain deadedness that was just about the only side effect I got from the radiation, not bad sunburnt skin, just a little the last week, and no digestive probs, which are normal when you have your guts radiated.

    Good news, GOD used the doctors to cure my cancer, and get me through. I am around to see all my daughters get married, and I am blessed to be able to babysit my 8 grandkids often, since 6 of them live within 2 miles, and the others I can drive to in a mere 6 hours.

    This month, through November, I am celebrating 24 years!

    You can do it mama. Love fiercely, and laugh all the time, which it appear to me you do. Tears are good too, they help dispell the poision from your system. So, see! Even when you cry you are doing something wonderful for healing!

    God Bless you!

  5. Marion /

    I love hearing stories like that. God really does have it. You deserve all those blessings, computer charger and all.

  6. I am also “patient zero”, the first & only person in my family to ever have breast cancer. At age 28. I sympathize with the very very pre menopausal stage! I was tested for BRCA at my first appt and it turns out I am BRCA2. It was a huge blow to hear, as I have a 3 yr old daughter. But thank God for modern medicine and His healing. I’m glad to know now and I’m positive good things will come of it. Many prayers to you & your family as you begin genetic testing!

  7. LisaL /

    Isn’t it funny how one thing we can deal with easily and others smack us up side the head? 🙂 As far as your battery situation – please send me an email and let me know what type of MacBook you have. Mine is several years old and I have extra batteries. If it is the right type, I would be happen to mail one to you. 🙂 Love from Illinois! Lisa

  8. Jen, if your laptop should become discouraged…I am sure there are enough friends and strangers out here who would love to help to fund whatever you need. We are blessed by you, your words and your journey. God is using you and your family for greater things. Keep expecting little miracles, especially in all of this.

  9. Bonniebj /

    Wonderful news Jen, encouraging news! The faithfulness of the Lord as He intervenes in our lives in even the tiniest of ways is faith inspiring. The Lord challenges us to “trust me now in this” and since He knows the number of hairs on our heads He is capable of so so much. The Lord is good and desires only the very best for us. Have a good day Jen loving Brad, Maren and Greta.

  10. Jen ~ You are a History teacher? Yes ~ You should enjoy the research & knowing you are paving the way for your families future, I’m sure will be a delight ~ You are so good @ this battle & showing just how the battle can be won !!!GOD is Good & if you are still & listen, BOOM ~ The answers will come 🙂 Kim & I visited with your Mom on Thursday ~ what a good visit it was ~ sitting with your Mom & seeing how strong she is ~ How caring she is for so many ~ again ~ we are so blessed to have your Mom in our life & see how her 3 Beautiful daurthers are ~ What a Wonderful Family 🙂 No wonder you have so many friends 🙂 Priceless 🙂 Continued Peace & Prayers 🙂

  11. So glad that things worked out. It is the little hassles (in the scheme of things) that can so rock our world. Because our world is so very unstable at the moment. Sounds like God is taking special care of your little hassles “and the big ones” too.

  12. I love the boom. Such good stuff!

    There was a boom moment in my week – an unexpected grocery card and a freelance job I wasn’t expecting, all in the same day. God is good!

  13. My 5 year old MacBook as had the SAME issues. There is actually a class action law suit about the power cords. I’m on my 2nd cord. Frustrating! But glad it worked out for you 🙂


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