Mom’s surgical pathology

Jul 17

I just arrived at the hospital and go the update from my Dad.  These are his words that he had typed as an update:
What I can tell you so far.  Roz and I arrived at Christ Hospital at 8:00 and for 2 hours there was a constant parade of Doctors and Nurses wishing her well.   Somehow during all that confusion, they managed to hook up the IV, Foley, and pain line. At 10:15 she was wheeled into the OR for the first prodedure (double mastectamy by Dr What-a-Babe for 4 hours), to be followed by the second procedure (rebuild by Dr B Cup 1 and 1/2 hours).  As planned, Dr What-a-Babe paged me at 11:30 with the results of the Lymph Node biopsies she was performing during surgery. They did find one Lymph Node with microscopic cancer, so she recommended taking all the Lymph Nodes on the left side as a precaution.  I of course agreed, and she is currently continuing with the removal of the left and will then proceed to the removal of the normal right side.
Jen will blog this again along with updates.  Thank you for your Love, Caring Thoughts, and Prayers.   
Norv Mathie
He was last updated at 11:30, and it is now 1:30.  Obviously, we did not want to hear of the lymph node involvement, but we are happy that they found it, and are cutting it out.  Dr. Wonderful (our oncologist) told me in the beginning that “we always want to know the full picture of what we are dealing with so that we can deal with it.”  I’m glad that, if the cancer was there, they found it.  Following Dr. Wonderful’s theory, knowledge is power .  I’m also happy that her next step was to be chemo regardless of what happened in surgery.  It would be harder to wake up knowing that chemo is going to happen, rather than having that as part of the plan all along. 
Thanks for your prayers.  We will keep updating as the information keeps coming!
From the waiting room,
Jen & Norv


  1. I know waiting is difficult. I’m glad you and your Dad have each other. I’m sending lots of love and peaceful thoughts for all of you…and prayers for healing for your mom and for you.

  2. jen powers /

    Continuing to pray for your sweet family…thank you for the updates!!