Mom is out of surgery!

Jul 17

Surgery is done and Mom is in recovery!  She should be moving to a room on her floor within the hour.

Dr. B-cup is happy with the reconstruction, and also commented that there was very little bleeding.  She will be in the hospital Wednesday, and since surgery took so long today, it is reasonable for her to expect to stay another night and come home Thursday.

I’m off to go pick up my girls from Phenom’s house, and Chief Sister is coming to the hospital tonight.  Baby Sister will roll in tomorrow.  We are on rotating shifts, with Dad as Captain of the Watch!

All is well, we are happy she is out of the OR and that all the little cancer bits are GONE!


  1. Dave Schreier /

    Still praying!

  2. been following all day, great news! will continue to pray for all of you.

  3. Lisa L /

    So glad to hear she is out of surgery!! Been thinking and praying for you guys all day. Thanks for the updates! Complete stranger sending love and prayers. 🙂

  4. Latoya /

    Praise God! So thankful to hear all went well!

  5. So glad! You ALL sleep well tonight!


  7. Jeff Kneisler /

    Super!!! Go Roz!!!
    jp and the clan