The story behind the suit

Jun 28

Since Memorial Day, when our pool opened, I’ve known that I needed a new swimsuit.  Last year I was carrying post-partum weight, and, fortunately, my body seems to have rebounded better than my swimsuits.  (Ha ha!)  The need for a new swimsuit is complicated though.  I have many of the young mom body issues, but this year, I know I’ll also be having a mastectomy in August.  Talk about a whole new load of swimsuit issues.  So, I’ve been wearing my frumpy, stretched-out suits to the pool for a month because I did not know what to do about this.  I’m too cheap to buy a swimsuit (dude, they’re expensive!) that will work for less than one summer.

I intend to buy a suit that will work pre and post-mastectomy.  This week, I decided to break down and Google “mastectomy swimsuit.”  Now that is a Google search I never thought I would do.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Lands End carries a line of mastectomy suits.  (Cool, huh?  Thank you Lands End executives!)  Buying swimsuits online seems wildly optimistic, so I went to Sears today to try some on (without kids–thank you Phenom!)  Unfortunately, their mastectomy suits are only available online, but at least I figured out what size I am in Lands End swimwear.  I haven’t actually ordered one yet.  Maybe later tonight.  Or this weekend.  Or maybe when I get a coupon via email.

I realize this is post is somewhat random, but it illustrates where I’m at in the process right now.  I’m in my chemo routine and I’m at the point, three months in, where having cancer often feels normal.  Or, at least, not so stop-me-in-my-tracks-shocking.  There are times though, when things like swimsuits come out of the dark and remind me that I have cancer and life is different.

Hopefully, I’ll find a suit that I like.  What’s more important though, is the plan to take my kids to the pool this summer, and next summer, and the summer after that, and the one after that.  That’s the main reason I need a new swimsuit: I’ve got plans.  I’m not going to let cancer, or a swimsuit, get in the way of my plans.


  1. Katie /

    I’ve been reading your blog for months now and until tonight, I’ve never left a comment. While you’ve gone through your journey, I’ve been going through my own (FAR less daunting). My husband of six years walked out on me the day after our second child was born. I don’t share the story to obtain sympathy, just to put things in context for you. Your journey. Your attitude. Your blog. They’ve helped me through this time in my life. I suppose it took a blog about swimsuits to fully realize how much I look forward to your posts and to solidify just how amazing I think you are. I’ve learned many life lessons from you. Thanks for being such an inspiration to those of us out there who are trying to continue putting one foot in front of the other … for our kids, for our family, and for us. It’s an honor and privilege to share in your journey.

  2. Land’s End swimsuits are the best! Hugs, Lauri

  3. Tina Mathie /

    Tons of prayers and lots of love!
    You are powerful and inspirational! Fighting the good fight along with you praying hard for shrinking cells, easy days and a long future of summers at the swimming pool!

  4. Melissa /

    You are a beautiful person inside and out and I hope you find the perfect swimsuit to make you feel that every time you step out.

  5. I have to to tell you that I love love love reading what you write! Your positive attitude and love/trust of our heavenly Father inspires me to consciously do it too. You rock girlfriend! 🙂

  6. Bonniebj /

    Lands End suits are great-have been been wearing them 37 years- what more can I say 🙂 swim on Jen for years to come-I see handstands in your future….praying for you this morning-every morning

  7. MissMe /

    Let me just say, you rock gal 🙂 I love your blog, your positive attitude and most importantly your faith. I’ve been following you since your hourney began, let me just say I look forwad to the day doctor wonderful says you are cancer free 😀 I will celebrate with you.

  8. Lands’ End swimsuits are AMAZING! They truly last forever – so get one that you really love!

    Congrats on the body rebounding. 🙂 I appreciate your holistic view of life & cancer treatment. You are taking care of the whole person.

  9. Check out to keep up with the Lands End coupon codes. They do a new one every few weeks, so take advantage! I’ve bought suits from them many different times and have always loved them!

  10. If you order several, you can return the ones you don’t want to Sears and not have to worry about mailing them back! So simple! (says an expert at Lands End ordering!)

  11. Just sorta delurking. Got a LE e-mail today.
    65% off ahead of the hoi polloi. All types of suits, including the mastectomy type. Praying for you. Enjoy!!

  12. I’ve said it before and I will say it again (and many more times to come)– I want to be you when I grow up. I adore you.

  13. Sarah /

    Just catching up on some of your recent posts and had to say what an inspiration you are to live life to the fullest, regardless of circumstances. Our time on earth is but a vapor in the grand scheme of eternity, and yet so much joy can be found in the midst of all of our struggles.

    And I can’t help but add how much I LOVE my Lands End swimsuits! As others have said, definitely order a bunch online when they have a “Free shipping on orders over $50” promotion, and just return the ones you don’t want to Sears. And don’t forget to check the sale portion of the website for their overstocks and clearance! I’ve found many a deal there!

    Keep on swimming and writing! Much love to you. ~Sarah (soon to be mom of 2, any day now!)