Airing soon…

May 17

A local news station interviewed me for their monthly breast cancer awareness segment.  I have not seen the piece that they put together, but I trust the woman who interviewed me to tell my story.  It was fun to meet her.   I just keep telling my story; I’ve been writing about it, I’ve spoken at my church, at a women’s retreat, and now on the news.  What could be next?  Being open and sharing my story is part of this journey for me.

If you are interested, it airs on FOX19 tomorrow (Friday May 18th) at approximately 5:30am, 7:30am, 9:10am and again during the evening newscasts.


  1. melody snow /

    do they do live streaming on the internet? fox19 that is? I SOOO want to see this brave, upbeat, fantastic, blog writing woman who has inspired this four year survivor time and time again with your writing! I’m at work by 7:30am….oh, maybe I can get my hubby to record it on VHS, since I’m illiterate in that stuff and don’t have a DVR.

  2. Jodi /

    How wonderful! I would love to put a face to your inspiring prose. Just wanting to confirm the time zone for Cincinatti (is it Eastern?)

  3. cool, i look forward to having coffee with you tomorrow morning!

  4. Will you post a link so those of us who aren’t near there can see?

  5. Sue Nitz /

    Hi Jen. Can’t wait to see the broadcast. There are so many people out there suffering from cancer. Your testimony will bring strength, perseverance and hope to those that watch and are and those who have a loved one that is going through it. You are an amazing woman of God.

  6. yes, youtube link someone please!

  7. Kim /

    Awesome! I would love it if one of those tech savvy friends would post the video or otherwise tell this non-tech savvy how to view it here in MI.!

  8. Hoping for a link to see it! (I’m on the west coast)

  9. Super excited to “meet” you in “person”! I am also a West coaster…link?…:)

  10. Hey Jen, I DVR’d from 5-6am and then from 7-9am and didn’t get your message about the time change until i was on the way to work. So…needless to say, I didn’t get it. Did they give you a link? So bummed, I’m sure you were great!