May 06

I am being sustained along this journey in so many ways.  I keep looking up and focusing on today, and I bump into encouragement, hope, and fun at every turn.

Remember How Do I Do It?

Honest-to-God, I feel I have this bubble of protection over me.  It is so powerful and calm and safe.  I look outside myself and think, “why aren’t  you in a puddle on the floor?”  But, I have this protection, so I’m not defeated.  It was in place when I first got diagnosed, and praise-the-Lord, I still feel it.  I don’t cry everyday, I don’t wallow, I don’t live in fear.  I.  Am.  Happy.  (And I think that sounds totally crazy, but I have to say it because it is true.)

Remember Connections?

In my inbox, I got an email from my ninth grade history teacher, Miss Excellence (now Mrs. Excellence), reminding me of a story from when I was in her class.  (Also funny: I think she was a first year teacher when I was her student.)  I had completely forgotten this memory until she reminded me of it.  And I am so touched that she contacted me to share it.

There was a boy in our class who thought he was Superman.  I’m pretty sure he wore a cape.  Like every day.  I also remember that he didn’t seem to notice or care that he was different; I envied that, even at the time.  I often worked with Superman for group projects, and I learned compassion.  Working with Superman was also one of my first teaching experiences.  At fourteen, I had to have enough of a grasp of the content to explain, and re-explain, and explain in a different way, the concepts that we were learning so that Superman could learn, contribute, or participate in our projects.  It was an innovative class, and I loved it.

Remember when I wrote about That Awkward Moment?

It happened this weekend, “Hi Jen, I’m Beautiful, and I’m having that awkward moment.  I read your blog and wanted to meet you.  Let’s be friends.”

Me, geeking out, complete with hand flapping, “Omigosh, yes, let’s like, totally be friends.”

And now, she and I are friends.  I love it.


  1. Yes please. If I could have more servings of you, I would say “Yes Please” while flapping my hands.
    If I were writing about you, your name would be ‘Inspiration’, as in ‘Hi Inspiration, I’m so glad to know you.’
    May you continue to bump into encouragement until you are black and blue. Love you. xo

  2. Sue Nitz /

    Hi Jen you always make me smile. Today my prayers will be prayers of thanksgiving. Oh and that boy that thought he was superman was not because my son was the real Superman! At the time he was Maren’s age. One morning he came down in his regular clothes and I said “oh, are you going to be Steven today?” He said “no, I am Clark Kent.”. Duh, I should have known. LOL Everyday I am praying for you and celebrating life with you through your blog. Thank you AGAIN for sharing your beautiful self with us. Love to you.

  3. Dave Schreier /

    Still praying and I will not stop. The Schreier’s love you Jen.

  4. I’m smiling because Miss Excellence was able to keep her name through the years. I’m filled with joy because you saw Superman with your heart. And I’m praising God this morning for your sustaining bubble. He definitely gets the glory for this!

  5. Lisa /

    I am smiling because I just read your post about YOUR TUMOR IS BREAKING UP and prayers are being answered. Praise God. And the Superman stories make me smile for two reasons. My initials are LL, like Lois Lane, I signed an email with LL one today to a newish friend, he responded with CK for Clark Kent. To this day when he calls me my phone says it’s Clark. And another friend’s son had Superman underwear and wanted to wear it daily….and had to always have something over it as his “suit!” Both of these made me smile on top of the smile….THAT YOUR TUMOR IS BREAKING UP!

  6. Almost every thing about your posts make me happy. So. Happy. I want to be real life friends too and feel envious of those who get to know you in real life, they are lucky and I know they know it!. 🙂 xoxo

  7. I love Lisa Smith’s post;) I love there are two people here that I just want to give hugs to. Yes, wishing you many bruises from encouragement- I cannot think of a better way to put it. Love and prayers to you.

  8. emily /

    Jen, I just want you to know that I pray for you every day, at least once a day, but more like 4 times a day. I pray for you first thing every morning; you are always the first person that comes to my mind. I pray for your tumor to shrink and break up and for all the cancer to go away and for all your healthy cells to multiply, leaving no room for cancer cells. I love how you are still living life to the fullest! You are such an inspiration and a true discipler in how to handle yuck. Your girls sound so amazing and beautiful and I hope to meet them one day. I love how Jesus is living His life through you.

  9. lindsay /

    hi jen- it’s just one of the many who embraced “the awkward moment” this weekend with you! what a gem you are! -lindsay

  10. Karen Kendrick /

    I have that bubble, too, that covering. From the morning after diagnosis until today, ten years later, it has never left. Today I thought of you as I approached a young woman wearing a turban, and asked hesitantly if she was on chemo. She was, and we talked for a while. I have invited her to our young breast cancer survivors’ group. We’ve swapped numbers and she might come. We’re not alone, and nothing has to stop today from being a good day!

  11. So grateful this morning for your smile. You can actually see and feel it through the screen. Blessings as you continue your treatment. You have many praying and rooting for you.

  12. Teresa /

    I don’t “know” you, but saw this [] video today and thought of you. You are strong, you are beautiful, and you are joyful just like they are. We all should all aspire to be like this! Keep inspiring the hospital staff/patients/everyone around you to be strong, beautiful, and joyful as well – there aren’t enough people in the world like you.


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