Mar 25

My spine is clear on the follow-up MRI!!!!!  No suspicious spots, no cancer, no nothing!  Praise the Lord!  Yesterday Dr. Awesome gave us the great pathology news, and today Dr. Wonderful had his turn: the cancer is not in my bones.  We are exuberant.

Today Brad and I recharged for the weeks ahead.

Tomorrow is all about Maren and Greta.  I probably won’t blog; I will probably not answer my phone (except for Dr. Awesome and Dr. Wonderful), I hopefully will learn at least sixteen new things about each of my babies because they are just so grow-y and chatty.  (Both of them are chatty; Greta is competing with Maren.  Lord help me.)  Tomorrow you can think of me as I am off being healthy, strong, happy Mama to my beautiful girls.  Since all the prayers are working (um, hello cancer-free spine), could you please pray that Maren soaks up all the love and attention she needs from us tomorrow?  Another big week lies ahead and her little boat is being rocked and she is rather fragile right now.

I still can’t believe it: my spine is fine!


  1. That is wonderful news, jen!!!! Enjoy the day with your girls:)

  2. Meggie /

    We will have a rockin’ boat party this week.
    Good job, badass bones, see you tomorrow night!

  3. Tina Mathie /


  4. Bonnie /

    Absolutely wonderful news Jen!!!!!!!!!!! So thankful. Have a marvelous day with Brad and your little ones- every moment is a treasure. Standing with you all.

  5. Kim Rourke /

    Way to go, bones!!!! You may not be officially blogging today, but I can already hear the memories taking shape in your beautiful mind. Have a supercalifragilisticexpealidocious kind of day!

  6. hrose /

    Today I see you with your girls and that great man of yours laughing and talking and loving. Its so strong its palpable. I see your lovely Maren soaking in up and standing taller and stronger and brighter. I see your soul lighter today and each day forward as you fight with such mighty strength. Blessings assured and abundance profound. I think God had to give you red hair because your so full of love that your insides just couldn’t contain it all!!! You are in this Monkee’s prayers. As you read-I pray in pictures. I will picture your health as I pray for you tonight. -a monkee visiting from Momastry.
    -much love.

  7. I am here via Momastery to say that I will absolutely be praying for you. (also, I have a daughter named Maren. Excellent name-choosing, you.) And your family is also in my prayers.

  8. Brittney /

    Came here via to let you know — fellow Monkee — that I am praying for you and your family! You are Patient Amazing….Sister on!!!!

  9. KristinaYellow /

    I don’t know you–I came here from Glennon’s website. BUT. You are amazing. Seriously. I am so honored that you are writing this blog and sharing your faith and positivity and laughter and making this a fight, not a passive acceptance. I have chronic diseases (normally I try to use “issues” but figured after 3 years I need to start being honest with myself) and I don’t want to share because I don’t want pity. I want people to know I am still the same awesome, control-freak, yellow-loving person with some extra stuff going on. Thank you for showing me the way. I am praying for you–and is it weird that I’m totally wishing you the best experience with this ever? Sounds odd “have the best cancer possible” but I do. You are kicking ass and taking names–and showing us all how to deal with scary stuff with grace, faith, love, and laughter. Thank you. I’m hugging my kid because I want to be like you and be excited that I have the time and fight and energy and ability to do it right now–and that is awesome.

  10. Kristin /


    I hope that Maren and Greta soak up all of the awesomeness that is their Mom tomorrow. And I hope Brad checks you out, all day. Admires the woman he married in all her beauty and hilariousness and lovingness. I may have made up some words there. I will be checking back – and you will be on my heart.

    🙂 A Monkee in Buffalo

  11. Found your blog via Momastery and wanted you to know I am here. Here to send prayers for you and your family and hopefully a bit of encouragement when you need it. Your story definitely puts things into perspective as you said and the outlook you have chosen is inspiring and I’m sure your medical team has mentioned that can make a big difference in your battle with cancer. Sending prayers that you are granted strength for this journey that lies ahead and continued peace that the God who has always been there to love and care for you will continue to hold you and your family in His loving hands.
    Much love and peace to you!

  12. LIndsay /

    Amazing news!! Praise God!!

  13. Amen!!! hallelujah!! Awesome news!!

  14. Great news. My mom has non-hodgkins lymphoma and so far it hasn’t infiltrated her bones…so I know what a great step this is. Hooray for victories of all sizes. Have a great time with your family!!

  15. hey, I am a refugee from over at the “Momastery” blog… just sat down and read your whole blog up to now…
    -thanks for being so open about your fight add me to list of those that are praying for yall and lifting you up
    You are right you are cool, you are gonna get this thing…
    Praying for Dr. Awesome and Dr. Wonderful as well… may their hands heal as our hearts pray…
    blessings to you all

    – Another Jenn (from augusta ga)

  16. Hey there I am a refugee from over at “Momastery”… just want to say that you are right, you ARE cool and its an honor to share your fight with you…
    I am praying for you, your gals, and your man…
    Also praying for Dr. Awesome and Dr. Wonderful… I pray that their hands heal you as our hearts love you…
    Jenn (another one 🙂 from augusta GA

  17. Heather Figueroa /

    I just found your blog today via Momastery. I love reading your journey, the personal details, and I am praying for you to kick cancer’s ass! I feel a strong connection to you because I also have a 4 year old daughter named Maren 🙂

  18. Michelle /

    Hi, Jen. I found your blog through Momastery, and I’ll be praying for you and your family. We may not know each other, but love is being sent your way!

  19. Jen! Life can be so terribly unkind. First, I’m sorry. So, so sorry. Second, you’re amazing—your attitude toward this is so empowering. And your writing! I could read it for hours. Keep writing. I know I—and many, many others—will keep reading. (And congrats on the Momastery mention! That is a fine community of people. Much deserved.) Much love.

  20. Elizabeth Rourke /

    I am speechless each time I read your blog. Your story should be a book is what I keep thinking. Your words are beyond inspiring and I promise I am praying! Praying my heart out!!

  21. Lisa Mader /

    Ahhh – Jen – I heard earlier this week then just found your blog today after church. I’ve been praying and will not stop praying!!! God is bigger than cancer.

    Hope you had a mind blowing awesome spring day with your family today!!! Love that you are REAL and you are a badass 🙂

  22. Molly Maxwell /

    I am so inspired by your optimism. I’m not fighting the battle you’re fighting but you have inspired me to squeeze my son a little tighter, a little longer, take him outside and soak him and this day up. I am sending you love California and I can’t wait to read your blog from the day that you are declared Cancer free this year!

  23. Hoped over from Momastery blog. I love that you are sharing your story in this way, my daughter fought leukemia last year and I can’t tell you how much it meant to have so many people praying for our family, and I will be doing the same for you! And, I love the positive attitude, people would ask us all the time how we were so positive when our situation was not good, but we had fun no matter what, even when we spent her second birthday in the emergency room, I snuck in a cake and was willing to risk getting in super duper trouble for lighting up a whole bunch of candles so we could celebrate 🙂 Even though we were battling cancer, what got us through was each other and enjoying each day rather than dwelling on all of the negative. You do ROCK, just so you know! I’ll be following your journey.

  24. Bonnie /

    Hi Jen,
    Total stranger here, found you from Momastery. Just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you daily. Keep up the good fight! Fellow Red, Curly-Haired Mama!

  25. Kelly /

    Thanks for changing my attitude today….


  26. Charmel Cross /

    Praying for you and your family and wishing you continued success in each new test!

  27. A stranger here, reading, praying, crying, admiring. YOU. ROCK.

  28. Lindsay /

    You are awesome!! Cheers to a fab day!

  29. You seriously are a rock-star. Amazed by your story. Soak in every moment of your family time, may you enjoy it with as few distractions as possible.

  30. Latrese /

    Awesome news! We will be praying for you!

  31. Jen-

    I stumbled upon your blog via Momastery and read all of your posts so far. I am thinking and praying for you and your family – I look forward to following your blog as you kick cancer’s butt.


  32. That is awesome news! I will be thinking about you!

  33. all the way from New Zealand – I am thinking about your family and specifically your two wonderful daughters today.

    Have a fun day. I hope the sun is shining and you can e.n.j.o.y life 🙂

    I’m book marking your blog, I cant wait to learn from you (your strength and courage!) and follow your journey and pray along with everyone else xxx

  34. You don’t know me from Adam, but we know the same big God and He has just enlisted me in the army of warriors who are praying on your behalf. A precious friend of mine, Anna Cook, shared your link on her FB and that’s how I found my way to you. My brother-in-law is also in the fight for his life so you two peeps are on my “A” list. I am in for the haul. Just so you know that there is one unknown 60 year old woman who has you on her heart. Today. And every day. Lord willing.

  35. You rock! I’m a total stranger who is praying her heart out for you. God made you this awesome for a reason. My little family is your personal cheering squad!

  36. I am so thankful that your blog was featured on Momastery. I will be praying so hard for you and your family and for God to allow you to keep that spirit you seem to have. After reading just a few of your posts, I can tell that you rock. And so do your bones. Have a blessed day with your babies and then…KICK CANCER’S ASS!

  37. That’s great news about your spine! You are amazing, as is the God we serve.
    You don’t know me, but I am praying for you and your family.

  38. Rachel /

    I read about you on the momastery blog. I have a call on my life to pray with people who have cancer, shaved my head and all..I am praying for you right now and will keep you in my daily book of prayers that has 300 names in it that i commit to praying for daily. If you want to email me, I am raedocmac@gmail.com or on facebook Rachel dougherty McGonigle. But, I’m gonna go ahead and pray right here right now. Lord, heal Jen of her cancer completely, change every single cancerous cell into a normal healthy cell. May her test results come back negative. Shrink all tumors. Give her a miracle the doctors cannot explain for YOUR glory Lord. Let her life and her response to this, be a testament to who you are Lord. Heal Jen Lord, right now. Amen! I will be praying daily!

  39. Wow. You are fantastic and being an amazing steward of God’s grace and goodness! Praying for you.

  40. Rebecca /

    I’m a fellow Monkee sending lots of positive thoughts your way!!!! Sister On!

  41. Lea F /

    You don’t know me, but I’m praying for you anyway. Enjoy your days with your girls–keep us posted when you can.

  42. SandraA /

    Monkee here! Jen, you.are.amazing! Hope you had a great day with your family. Count me in on this fight. Great test results. God is good!

  43. I hope you and your family have a wonderful, special, amazing day together! There are strangers out here (via Momastery) in blogworld pulling for you!!!!!

  44. Meigan /

    Prayers your way! Have an amazing day with your family!

    A Monkey

  45. mariellen /

    Found you via Momastery. You have lots of love coming your way!

  46. I am just a stranger but I cry and rejoice with you and your family (my friend posted your blog on her facebook page). I’ll be praying for your recovery! Your strength is an inspiration.

  47. amyocrowley /

    Jen- You don’t know me, I just ran across your blog today and want you to know that I am praying ferociously for you in Kansas. Praise God for your good news about your spine! I admire your ability to stay positive in what is a very scary situation. You ARE cool, and badASS, and you can totally beat this. I have faith. Good will TOTALLY triumph. God bless you!

  48. amyocrowley /

    Jen- You don’t know me, I just ran across your blog today and wanted you to know I am praying ferociously for you in Kansas. Praise God for the good news about your spine! I admire your ability to stay positive in such a scary situation. No, I LOVE it. I don’t know what it is, I just have faith that you can totally beat this. Maybe it’s because you ARE cool, and badASS. I just have this gut feeling that good WILL triumph. God bless you!!

    • amyocrowley /

      Sorry for the double post! I didn’t think my other one went through so I tried to type what I’d written again!

  49. Is it OK to start a prayer with “Seriously, Dude?”… well much love from a fellow Monkee in California. May you and your daughters have such an amazing time tomorrow that you all need 2 baths. Daughter Love is WAY STRONGER than dumb old cancer.

  50. Nikole /

    Just another Monkee here to say go kick cancer’s ass! Praying for your littles, that they feel the love surrounding all of you! GOOD ALWAYS WINS!!!

  51. Angela /

    You are an amazing, spirit filled person! I found you via Momastery and will pray for you and your family. God is good and will give you, your husband and girls what you need to make it through this time while all of your boats are being rocked! Praise God for the good news of your spine!

  52. corrin /

    Bless your heart. Bless your spine. Bless your family. Bless your world.

  53. Denise O'Mara /


  54. Erica Snipes /

    Jen–my name is Erica and I am one of your many admirers, prayer warriors, followers, supporters, care-for-ers, etc., coming from Glennon at Momastery. Glennon talks about holding a WTF sign up to God on crazy out of the blue stuff like the stupid Cancer that is in you right now. Yep. Totally agree. Also totally agree with everybody that has expressed admiration and thanks to you for sharing yourself with us and letting us pray for you. So, pray we will. And support you, and pray for and support your family. Thanks for sharing them with us too, which takes guts, ’cause if I were in your spot, I’d probably just want to hunker down, grab my family close, and not share any of what I’ve still got with anybody else. Sigh. That’s why you’re awesome and doing this blog and I in the same position, wouldn’t be able to. So, I will follow your story, and I will pray. Sending love, care, and prayer :).

  55. Love that your bones/spine is fine 🙂 ENJOY those babies 🙂

  56. Sandy Powell /

    Hey Cuz… what you’re writing is really reaching people. Man, I love the internet. See you soon. xo

  57. What wonderful, amazing news!! I have red, curly hair, I have a little Greta, and you have my thoughts and prayers. Cancer is going to WISH it never found the likes of you!! Followed the link from Momastery, lots of love and prayers coming your way!!