PET Results

Sep 25

I have new PET scan results.  It shows no new cancer spots, but all the cancer spots in my chest are slightly larger and slightly more active than they were at my last scan last quarter.  Progression stinks.

It means we’re switching drugs again because the Carboplatin and Herceptin are not doing the job.  I will start Ibrance and Faslodex.  I continue to be blessed in that my cancer is not growing by leaps and bounds.  Millimeter increases are acceptable in the short term, but still not good for the long term.  It’s not my style to waste time on worry and what-ifs, so I won’t.  I’ll be praying that the new drugs are my miracle drugs that beat the cancer down significantly.

Dr. Wonderful is on the cutting edge of medical knowledge and treatments, and is being creative to give me every medical advantage he can.  I’m grateful: every question and thought that I had today he had already considered and evaluated.  He rocks.

Neither of my new drugs are technically chemotherapy drugs; it’s the first time in more than two years that I won’t be getting a chemo drug (I’ve had a half-dozen or more in a row).  Instead, Ibrance is a targeted therapy drug: it targets specific pathways to stop the cancer growing, and Faslodex inhibits the hormone pathways.  A silver lining is definitely that I might start to feel better, as my body won’t be absorbing poison every week.

I appreciate your prayers and support more than you know!  Thank you for engaging in my story.

Please keep my children in mind as you read and share my news: our hope is that Maren and Greta can talk about me and my cancer only if and when they want to share.  Maren has a support network of adults and Greta’s is evolving as she ages into it.  If you and/or your children see my children, please make our wishes a part of your parenting conversations if you are sharing the news with them.  The emotional challenge is hard for the girls and we need your help.  Thank you for protecting them with us!