A slightly new look

Feb 13

A month ago, at girl’s night out, I pulled off my hat, as I often do when I start to feel too warm.  (Inevitably, I’m in on/off/on/off mode with hats most of the time when I am indoors.) “Oh!” several of them exclaimed, “You have hair!” “Erm, not quite,” I said.  “What I have going on here,” I continued,...

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Learning from my child

Feb 12

Tonight as I was making dinner heating up leftovers, Greta made some kind of crash-bang-boom noise around the corner, and then came wailing to me.  She flung herself into my knees as I stepped out of the pantry, and I picked her up.  Since I know Drama Wails vs. Real Pain Wails, I was nonplussed.  As she cuddled into me I rubbed her back and said, “Greta you...

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All stacked up

Feb 10

If you are in the know about chemotherapy, then you know that chemo is often called cumulative. Cumulative in reference to chemo means that the effects of the chemo stack up on top of each other as the infusions continue.  So while the doseage and the timing of my treatments are remaining consistent, the figurative chemo backpack I wear every three weeks gets a...

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The snow fairies delivered

Feb 05

When I went to bed last night, school was on a two-hour-delay. At 6:11am the phone rang with the “closed” call. At 6:56am, Maren did her excited tip-toe-run into my room, “Mommy, do I have a delay or is school closed?” “Closed, Maren.  No school!” And we both grinned. She climbed into bed with me and we talked about what she wants...

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Snow fairy watch

Feb 04

I might be the last Ohio mom who is actually hoping for a snow day tomorrow.  If it happens, it will be Snow Day #7, something which is not the norm in these parts.  Many parents are so over snow days this year, and I get it.  I do.  However, I still have a hand up.  I’ll take another. I can’t help it.  The magic of a snow day never gets old. When I was...

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