Dr. Wizard

Oct 22

Today I met the newest member of my ever-expanding medical team.

The first thing you need to know about Dr. Wizard is that he wears the same style glasses as Harry Potter.  How cool is that?

Dr. Wizard is a surgical specialist and today he talked to me about the video thoroscopic surgery he’s got planned for me.  He plans to cut three holes in my right side (one for tools, one for video, and one for drains/suction/miscellaneous.  He’ll cut out the section of my lung that has the spot in it, and the team in the OR will analyze it.  They will know in the OR whether it is cancer or not; I’ll find out as soon as I wake up.  After I wake up, I’ll likely be in the hospital for 3-10 days, depending on when my post-surgical chest tube comes out.  We’ll get a detailed pathology report after three business days, too.  Once I’m out of the hospital I’ll have six weeks of pretty significant post-operative restrictions.

Dr. Wizard is in complete agreement with Dr. Wonderful: having the spot taken out is a win-win situation in my current scenario.  Also, like Dr. Wonderful, he’s seen this before.  He’s seen cancer patients come in with a spot, he’s removed said spots.  He’s seen some that have been cancer, and some that have been an infection of some type.  There is no way to know until we look at the cells under the microscope.

At the beginning of our conversation, he shared that he recently had a patient with nearly an identical history/presentation as mine.  Her result was that it was not cancer, and while he made it clear he cannot promise me the same result, he told me her story as a means of encouragement to me.

Next, he told me that he would be praying for a benign result for me also.  This gives me total confidence that he’s the right man for the job.  My medical team continues to dazzle me.

I’ll get an official surgery date tomorrow, but it will be within the next three weeks.  We are movers and shakers over here!