A battle forged

Mar 12

I’m still scarred after reading an online product review for mastectomy swimwear last summer.  The reviewer of a particular swimsuit said something along the lines of, “The design is very poor.  While swimming, it is very easy for the prosthetic breast to pop out of the suit and then you’re left to chase your boob across the pool.” OMG.  My...

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Morning routine

Mar 11

Thanks for all the comments/tips/advice on the leg pain and shoe suggestions.  I will definitely look into it.  My latest shoes, however, were fitted by one of the guru’s at the running store, and they have less than 100 miles logged.  But I’m willing to look at it again!  I appreciate all the ideas and inspiration you gave me, and I will follow up soon....

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The heart of the matter

Mar 08

Let’s review my heart history, shall we? I know… my Friday nights are so very scintillating.  Trust me, I know. At the start of chemo, almost one year ago, I was given my first ever echocardiogram.  It’s a test done via ultrasound that measures the functionality of the heart.  One of the numbers that is measured during an echocardiogram is your...

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