Do Today Well

Do Today Well is the answer to a question that was buzzing around in my head for days, weeks after I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. How am I to reconcile this great burden, the one wherein I might die, with my desire to live a full and abundant life?

Immediately after I discovered I had cancer, I wanted to sit down and compile long lists of things to tell my girls. I thought about buying their birthday presents in advance. Like thirty years of birthday presents just in case. I also thought that I should not ever go to the grocery store again, because who has frequent life-fulfilling experiences at the grocery store? Life is too precious to waste, and, luckily, I very quickly realized that the very effort of trying (and undoubtedly failing) to cram it all in to a too-short time is wasteful.

I spent a lot of time praying: asking God for mercy, healing, direction, answers, hope. I believe He answered me with the words Do Today Well. Love. Authentic. Brave. I blogged about my Do Today Well resolution when I first made it here.

I decided that whether I had one more week or fifty more years to live, I wanted to make the most of today. I wanted to carve out moments in the day that matter; some call these kairos moments. It’s when I pause outside her door to listen, really listen, to her talking in her crib.  It’s when she reads to me for the first time from a book that I remember reading when I was a little girl.  It’s when she sidles up to me, her touchpoint, for a hug before whirling off again to play.

I cannot control what happens next, but I can embrace the day and seek to rock it. That’s the essence Do Today Well.