My stars

Oct 10

It’s official. I’m the rebel in the family.  (Ha!  Seriously.  HA!) I got a tattoo today. Its a constellation of seven stars across my ribcage.  It looks like a random placement of dots, but I know it has greater purpose and meaning and beauty.  My tattoo is another marker of my journey. Stars are my favorite shape.  I was raised in a family of five.  My...

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Chemo musings

Jul 19

I am very much in the rhythm of my new cancer normal, and a big part of my routine is chemo. Maren and Greta go to Phenom’s house.  I think they think it is summer camp.  They love it. I’ve had to take a running hiatus for the last two week: I have an infection in my toe that is exacerbated when I run.  Darn toe.  After two courses of antibiotics, I...

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