Waking up on 147

Jan 24

So many mornings this past year, I have woken up thinking, “Holy crap!  I have breast cancer!” or, later, “Holy cow!  Where are my boobs?  Oy, the cancer got ’em.” Having a Big Thing happen in your life is like that: it is, seemingly forever, surreal.  I still shake my head in disbelief that this is my life, that this has happened to...

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Scan Day

Jan 23

My PET scan is today (Wednesday 1/23) at 1:30pm.  The PET scan will confirm for me that there is still No Evidence of Disease (NED), that there is no cancer in my body.  The PET was on the radar for February, but the scheduler put me in a slot 2 weeks early.  It was not bumped up because of any medical reason, but simply because it was convenient.  And I’m...

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Jan 01

Milestones are funny things.  They pass the time.  Sometimes it seems like time flies, other times like time slows and nearly stops.  The same event can be both a blink and an eternity.  It reminds me of a flowing river: such different experiences: on a boat, on the shore, in the water, wading.  There are so many perspectives to see the same things.  I pray that I...

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Prayers of thanksgiving

Nov 18

Thanksgiving week.  It’s a great holiday season.  And it is a season–all on it’s own. I love the deep inhalation of gratitude and rest that comes at the end of November.  When I was in school, I needed Thanksgiving break.  (I needed it when I was in school as a student, and possibly even more when I was in school as a high school...

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Radio silence

Oct 01

I’ve slept in my own bed for five nights now.  Staying in my childhood home was a necessary respite.  Greta is not one of those children who sits quietly on your knee and coos.  She climbs and burrows and pounds and pummels — all with love.  I tried to teach her “gentle”, which resulted in modified slaps to my shoulder.  Who am I to squelch...

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