Boring cancer

Oct 15

Today I had my favorite kind of appointment with Dr. Wonderful: the kind where we hardly discussed cancer at all.  We briefly talked about my cancer-y bullet points, and it occurred to me it might be time for a medical update: -I see Dr. Wonderful (oncologist) weekly.  I get Herceptin every week through my port.  I’m still a regular in the Chemo Room, even...

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What am I doing these days?

Oct 08

7:00  Wake up.  Shower.  Remember the shower in our bathroom has been turned off because of an annoying leak and just get dressed and ready for the day.  Gingerly apply castor oil to radiation site without dislodging the tape and Sharpie marks that are super important to the radiation techs. 7:30  Marvel that girls are still sleeping.  Put away laundry, make lists,...

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Back on track

Aug 24

So, I have this whole heart-may-be-damaged-from-chemotherapy-and-it-may-or-may-not-be-reversible thing going on. Kind of a big deal. I try not to worry.  Instead, I pray.  I’ve done a lot of praying.  At this point, I’m still more worried about the cancer than the heart.  You know, I worry about things in order.  And then I remember not to worry, and to...

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“Your PET scan looks…”

Aug 23

“…good,”  These were Dr. Wonderful’s first words as he sat with Brad and I today in the consult room. It may not sound like high praise, but Dr. Wonderful doesn’t throw around positive adjectives unless he means them.  “Good” from Dr. Wonderful is worthy of a fist pump and a high five.  The treatment has been effective...

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From Chair 18

May 23

I’m thumb-typing on my phone from the chemo room; the wifi is down again. But I have a warm blanket, a friendly gal in Chair 17, and some hot tea so I am happy! I do get to have my chemo today; Dr. Wonderful gave me the all clear. In his words, “I don’t want to give the cancer a break.” Right on! Today I am switching to a new chemotherapy...

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