Write out loud

Jan 10

I write because it’s how I process.  I step away from each post with a sense of closure, a feeling that I am content, and resolute in my goals.  Good or bad, writing it down always helps me get to a place of peace.  I fight hard for peace; everything is better when I am peaceful (just ask Brad).  Writing has always been enjoyable for me, and now, in this...

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Nov 27

Today I wished: I wish that I had kept up with some type of baby book for M & G.  I want to write their baby-hoods down (in words and pictures) while I still remember them.  Lucky for me, it’s not too late.  They are still babes.  I re-discovered my passion for story-telling this year.  One photobook (storybook?) each for Christmas; I can make that wish...

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Our little gift tradition

Nov 17

I’ve had several friends start asking: what are you doing for the holidays this year?  We, as with most young families, are finding our footing on how we are going to celebrate our past traditions while making meaningful holiday memories for our own young families. Last year, I wrote up a small article about how Brad and I do our gift-giving within our...

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Being and seeing

Nov 13

Sometimes people for sorry for me. But you know what? I don’t feel sorry for me.  (So please, please, please don’t feel sorry for me.) I kind of feel blessed and lucky and happy and joyful most of the time.  (I’m not perfect: I want things, I worry, I make excuses.)  But, truly: I am happy. I ache–physically ache–for people who...

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Oct 22

Dr. Wonderful finishes my exam today, and says, “Wait a minute, don’t go anywhere.” I say, “Okay,” and swing my legs at the edge of the exam table.  I am happy to be boring.  I love my No Evidence of Disease status.  I am happy that I have no concerns, red flags, or burdens to bring to him today.  I wonder if he is going to come back...

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