Chemo musings

Jul 19

I am very much in the rhythm of my new cancer normal, and a big part of my routine is chemo. Maren and Greta go to Phenom’s house.  I think they think it is summer camp.  They love it. I’ve had to take a running hiatus for the last two week: I have an infection in my toe that is exacerbated when I run.  Darn toe.  After two courses of antibiotics, I...

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My Sludge

Jun 19

Want to know what was in my smoothie this morning?  Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, broccoli sprouts, chia seeds, blueberries, ice cubes, and water. I know.  Ew. Blending up the ingredients produces a dark green sludge.  I have to eat it with a spoon instead of drinking it.  It tastes like cold grass clippings.  Not that I’ve ever eaten grass clippings, but...

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