Aug 02

My surgery date is scheduled: August 30th.  Four weeks from today. I am looking forward to the surgery; I scheduled it for the first day Dr. Awesome was willing to operate.  I desire no delay for cancer to get comfortable.  And three weeks between my last chemo (8/8) and surgery is enough time for my body to be strong enough for the operation. I feel fine about the...

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Jul 10

Yesterday Brad and I met with Dr. Awesome to discuss my upcoming surgery.  She was pleased with the shrinking tumor(s), and gave me a B+ in cancer-killing.  A B+ is good, but I’ve always been a straight-A kinda girl.  I am happy that I have eight more weeks to continue chemo and Herceptin (the non-chemo biological drug).  I have that time to get to an A.  I...

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Things that matter

Jun 27

Dr. Wonderful asks, as he does at every appointment, “So Jen, have you noticed any changes after the last week or so?” “Well, I had some tingling after the last chemo for the first time.  That was cool.”  He nods.  “And I think it is a bit smaller, but I have a hard time assessing.  The biggest thing that I did was to send out a request...

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The Lifers

Jun 06

Last week at chemo, I ended up sitting next to Newbie and Spunky: the three of us were all diagnosed a short time ago and are in Round One of our cancer battles.  Their treatments are bi-weekly, so I didn’t see them today. Today, I sat with new-to-me friends: Bear, Sunny, and Vivid.  They are self-described “Lifers” in the Chemo Room.  They are all...

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Lucky Thirteen

May 30

Today I sat in Chair 13 in the Chemo Room.  My chemo friend Spunky was there; she is twenty-seven and was diagnosed with a rare lymphoma cancer in January after she felt a lump near her collarbone.  She has a two-year-old and a wonderful husband and family.  We get each other; she is only other person under fifty I have met in the Chemo Room....

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From Chair 18

May 23

I’m thumb-typing on my phone from the chemo room; the wifi is down again. But I have a warm blanket, a friendly gal in Chair 17, and some hot tea so I am happy! I do get to have my chemo today; Dr. Wonderful gave me the all clear. In his words, “I don’t want to give the cancer a break.” Right on! Today I am switching to a new chemotherapy...

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