An ordinary day

May 05

Today was a great day.  Despite a fitful nights sleep (thanks steroids), I got up enough gumption to get up early and work out (thanks steroids again).  Since I flipped Greta’s wardrobe from winter to spring/summer on Sunday night (love that about Maren’s old hand-me-downs!), she and I will be having many new discussions about what to wear.  She is so...

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Bumping along with joy

May 04

Life tumbles on.  Sometimes it’s smooth, but more often it’s bumpy and whimsical.  There’s a reason tumbleweeds are so inspirational to artists.  Life here has been good; I started feeling better shortly after my last post.  I’m sorry I didn’t update sooner; every time I saw a window of writing opportunity approach, we hit a bump that...

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