Ask me

Jan 06

The irony is not lost on me that I have finally (I think) caught up on emails today.  It takes my being tethered to an IV pole and told to sit in a recliner for me to carve out the time for this task.  Now that I get email and texts and comments on my phone, I often see them in passing: at the grocery store, mid-dinner prep, or waiting rooms.  I make a mental note...

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Yellow Chemo Week

Jan 05

I now need a vacation to recover from Christmas vacation.  Am I alone? Our holiday was magical + magical + magical at every turn.  My “problems” are now to put away and sort and clean and organize all of the new treasures and bounty that we were given.  “Problems.”  Ha–not so much. The best present, of course, was the quality time that...

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