Though they be but little

Dec 19

‘Twas a great ending to my day.  I had one girl on each knee, we rocked in my favorite chair, I read to them.  We read more than the standard two stories because we were happy.  They were clean and I inhaled their sweet smells.  Maren exclaimed, “I remember this book from when I was a little girl.”  I smiled with the knowledge that she is still a little girl, but dared not point it out, knowing I would get an indignant reaction.  Greta is at that fabulous age where she is so very interactive with books.  She examines every page, every picture with such intensity.  She can find the most obscure butterfly, she shouts out the names of her favorites when we get to the last page of the current one, and she counts objects in books, “One, two.  One, two, fwee,” over and over again.  Maren reads to us and adds her own commentary: tonight’s book said, “I like soup and crackers.”  She had to point out that she, in fact, does not like soup, and that she is just reading and that’s why she said that.  Her disclaimers are hilarious.  Greta, meanwhile, counts soup crackers in the background, “Onetwofwee, onetwofwee.”  We laughed, we laughed, and we snuggled.

It was twenty-five magical minutes.

Being a mom is not magical all the time.  Today I’m not going to write a list of the un-magical moments–though it is tempting.  There were a lot of Oy Vey moments, a few Are You Kidding Me moments, and a bunch of Close My Eyes and Count to Ten moments.  Today I’m going to remember how we did an outdoor adventure walk because I had to get out of the house because of all the screaming and played hide-and-seek in the neighborhood green space.   How when Greta and I were out without Maren, Greta kept pointing at Maren’s carseat saying, “Where Ma-nen, where Ma-nen?”  She missed her sister.  How Maren accomplished all of her jobs with record-breaking speed when promised she could read books at bedtime with Greta.  She wanted her sister.

My girls are sisters.  Neither remembers life before they were joined.  I love that they will have each other for all the years to come.  Also, not so different from now, they will drive me crazy for years to come.  As a sister myself, I love that.

Tonight, in that rocking chair, I imprinted our winter days: being together, being happy.  I hope I remember to pull them onto my lap, one on each knee, forever.

Though she be but little, she is fierce!  –William Shakespeare


  1. Marlayne Skeens /

    Jen ~ Thank you for bringing back memories of my son & how he sat on my lap reading 🙂 As you talk about your days of fun & frustration of being a Mom, it reminds me of just how important of a job Being A Mom really is & after all these years ~ My son has 2 daughters ~ My Job is Still Not Over & Being a Mom/Grandmother is The BEST & MOST REWARDING JOB I HAVE EVER HAD = PRICELESS 🙂 You have Many Many Years to ENJOY 🙂

  2. Sharon Hajek /

    Reading your loving comments reminded me of my daughters and my granddaughters and your joy was mine too. Thank you. Your spirit, your mothering, your being, your faith is fierce and makes your readers stronger too.

  3. Kim Rourke /

    And so I too sit with my granddaughter (just about Greta’s age)with the same thoughts swirling in my head. How wonderful that the moments of cuddles surpass all others. I’m sure your mother can tell tales of the noise from our townhouse when Adam and Elizabeth were little, and I can still hear the teenage battles raging between Ebeth and Chelsea, yet today each is a champion for the other.
    You did yesterday well!

  4. Loved your recounting of the day, Jen!! Memories forged will remain forever.. I even have recordings saved of some”little voices” 😉 the days fly so swiftly that it’s such a blessing to sit quietly and cuddle little girls in my lap either reading or just chatting. Reminds me so much of Mary and Eric but may especially in days gone by. Have a Merry little Christmas with Brad, Maren and Greta. You are so loved!!

  5. I SO recall all the special “mom moments” I had with our two children. Being a mom was absolutely the best career! (And yes, I did work outside the home.) It’s amazing how you elict all the same feelings in those of us who put in our mothering time and have moved on to the even more amazing life of being a grandmother!

    BTW, you once ruminated whether you would continue blogging once you achieved NED. Would anyone be interested in your everyday life? Jen, you are one of those rare writers who could make a grocery list sound interesting! Don’t ever stop putting your thoughts onto paper. Please don’t deprive your blog peeps of enjoying whatever slice of life you want to share with us. We love it all 🙂

  6. Patty Wheeler /

    We who are mothers are so blest… I am in Boston looking at pictures when we were little (2 sisters and two brothers). This time with your little girls is so special. There are stresses but I am so glad you know to appreciate the little joys.

  7. Pat Powell /

    Beautiful telling of your story of bedtime tales Jen you do it so beautifully I can almost see them there Love M xxxxxxxx

  8. Love these reflections!! My daughter is no longer sitting on my lap, but the hugs and loving touches are numerous and treasured. As your mom will attest, grown up daughters are also rather wonderful! 😉